Bringing Fundamental Astrophysical Processes Into Focus: A Community Workshop to Plan the Future of Far-Infrared Space Astrophysics

Poster Presentations

Motivating Science
Far-Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Protoplanetary DisksB. Sargent
Recent Far-IR Observations of Gas in Disks with Herschel A. Roberge
The Effects of Collisions on Gap-Opening by Planets in Debris Disks E.R. Nesvold
Apocenter Glow in Eccentric Debris Disks M. Pan
Far-Infrared Polarimetry, an Essential Tool for Investigating Interstellar Magnetic Fields and Dust C.D. Dowell
FIR Spectroscopy: Exposing the Winds and Ejecta of Eta Carinae T.R. Gull
The inversion of polarization maps to 3D magnetic field structure requires multi-band data. B.-G. Andersson
The Lifecycle of the Interstellar Matter and Star Formation in the Galactic Plane revealed by the [CII] 158um Line. J.L. Pineda
Far-Infrared [OIII] 88 micron emission line of very high redshift low-metallicity galaxiesA.K. Inoue
Resolving Morphology Transformation in Massive Gas-Rich Galaxy Mergers: Imaging the Structures and Determining the Sources of Molecular Feeding and Feedback in Local (U)LIRGS J. Fischer
Molecular Gas in the ISM of Luminous and Ultraluminous Galaxies R.R. Monje
The Origin of the Most Luminous Starbursts in the Universe D.T. Narayanan
Far-IR Line Emission as Cosmological Probe A. Kogut
Far-Infrared spectroscopy at high redshift - lessons from Herschel Extremely Lensed Line Observation S. Malhotra
AGN, their Torii and their FIR Spectra D. Kazanas
Dust Formation and Evolution in the Very Early Universe E. Dwek

Balloon Projects, Mission and Instrument Concepts, and Mission Concept Studies
The Large Balloon Reflector (LBR): A 10 meter Suborbital THz Telescope C.K. Walker
The Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope for Polarization: BLASTPol M.J. Devlin
SPICA: Space Infrared Telescope Project of Japan H. Shibai
FITE: Balloon-Borne Far-Infrared Astronomical Interferometer onboard Balloon H. Shibai
The Balloon Experimental Twin Telescope for Infrared Interferometry (BETTII): concept, expectations, status M.J. Rizzo
The Space Infrared Interferometric Telescope (SPIRIT): A Far-IR Observatory for High-resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy D. Leisawitz
FP7-FISICA (Far Infrared Space Interferometer Critical Assessment) G. Savini
An end-to end Far Infrared Interferometer Instrument Simulator (FIInS) R. Juanola-Parramon
ESPRIT - Heterodyne Interferometry in the Far-Infrared F.P. Helmich
Mapping the Milky Way in [CII] F.P. Helmich
Far Infrared Interferometry from Space: The Next Big Thing for NRAO. J.C. Condon
SAFARI Instrument OverviewP.R. Roelfsema
SAFARI Detector SystemP.R. Roelfsema
SAFARI Mechanisms and CalibrationP.R. Roelfsema
SOFIA as the Bridge to the Next Far Infrared Mission E.T. Young
ALMA-SOFIA synergiesH. Zinnecker
upGREAT: The extension of GREAT into FIR heterodyne arrays for SOFIAH. Zinnecker
Submillimeter Spectroscopy with micro-Spec O. Noroozian
The Spectroscopic Terahertz Airborne Receiver for Far-InfraRed Exploration (STARFIRE): a Pathfinder for Next-Generation Extragalactic FIR Spectroscopy. J.E. Aguirre

Enabling Technology
Photon Counting Terahertz Interferometry H. Matsuo
Graphene Hot-electron Bolometers with Superconducting Contacts for THz Photon Detection D.E. Prober
Terahertz Heterodyne Detectors Using Superconducting MgB2 Hot Electron Bolometers D.P. Cunnane
Multi-pixel THz Heterodyne Receivers: The LO conundrum I. Mehdi
On the Applications of MKIDs and TES Bolometers to FIR Space Astrophysics D.J. Benford
Focal Plane Arrays for Wide Field Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Interferometry D.J. Benford
Feedhorn-coupled microwave kinetic inductance detectors J. Hubmayr
Wide-field spatio-spectral interferometry for far-infrared space applications D. Leisawitz
Laboratory-based Spatial/Spectral Interferometry in the Far-Infrared L.D. Spencer
In-space Infrastructures: Synergisms Among Disciplines in Astrophysics H.A. MacEwen and the Role of Citizen Science in Far-IR Astrophysics M.J. Kuchner