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TIGER in Antarctica, November 26, 2003

Room Change and More Penguins

My corner of the room Today I moved out of my 4-person room in the transient dorm and into a regular 2-person dorm room. I'm not sure that it was an improvement. I had the nicest corner of the 4-person room. In the new room, I find that my roommate has taken 60% of the room and pretty much all of the furniture. When you figure that 20% of the room is shared (there's got to be an walkway back to his luxury suite) and the refrigerator and coat rack are in my part), that doesn't leave me with much. I push back some, but he's annoyed that I dared try and get a livable amount of space, and I'm annoyed that he's so selfish.

To give a little idea of the living conditions, here are some pictures of my old room. The picture on the right was my corner (in the back right of the room).

My Corner of the Room

Kurt Liewer's corner The front right of the room is occupied by Kurt Liewer, one of the Anita people. I had dinner with him and his wife in Christchurch. He wants to move out of here too, but I was higher up the list.

Kurt Liewer's Corner

Left side of room The other two people share the left side of the room. Some of the rooms are set up with bunk beds (these beds are convertible), but those rooms typically have couches and/or televisions and so need more floor space for them. Our room has nothing except the small refrigerator that is in every room I've been in. This picture was taken through the doorway.

I'll cover my new room another day, when I get my half organized (I'm not sure my roommate ever cleans his side.
Left Side of Room

We've seen more penguins in the last few days. Today we saw three today coming back from Willey. Two were asleep along side the road (we didn't stop for fear of waking them), and this one was waddling along near the transition. Adelie Penguin in the Road Adelie Penguin in the Road
An Adelie Penguin in the Road


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