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TIGER in Antarctica, November 27, 2003


Anita Assembly Today is Thanksgiving, but in McMurdo it will be celebrated on Saturday. There is no 4-day weekend here. Celebrating on Saturday gives the town a 2-day weekend. Most of the workers work 6 days a week and usually only get Sunday off.

Anita is continuing its assembly. This is Marc Rosen (left), the Anita Mechanical Engineer, and Kurt Liewer (right) getting Anita ready to go into its pressure vessel.

Anita Going into its Pressure Vessel

Thanksgiving Lunch Many of us feel that Thanksgiving is rightfully celebrated on Thursday, and so the two cooks at Willy field prepared a tremendous Thanksgiving lunch for us. With some tablecloths and decorations, this feels like Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Lunch at Willey Field

TIGER Thermal Shield Installation TIGER is also continuing to get ready for Tuesday's Hang Test. On the outside of the blue foam thermal insulation we put a reflective layer (aluminized mylar). This picture shows Dana and Garry wrapping the foam with the mylar. You can already see that the near side of TIGER is finished. Paul Dowkontt is working hard at far left and at far right it looks like the TIGER grad student, Lauren Scott is in deep thought.
Adding a Reflective Layer to the TIGER Thermal Shield

Lauren Dancing In the evening, several of us end up at the Gallagher's Bar. They are having a birthday party for Kris, who works for the Antarctic Sun, the local "paper". We sort of fall in with the party. Here is Lauren dancing with Kris. The person running the music decides to find out how many times he could play the Beatles "You say its your birthday" in a row, before getting attacked. The answer is three.

Lauren out on the Dance Floor


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