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Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) - Clean Room

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GSFC Photo Images

NASA's Clean Room: Last Stop for New Hubble Hardware
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The High Fidelity Mechanical Simulator (HFMS), used to test Hubble components, is shown in front of a wall of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters

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The Vehicle Electrical System Test Facility, or VEST, resides in Goddard's cleanroom

High Resolution

The inside of the Thermal Vacuum Chamber

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Goddard's centrifuge can accelerate 2.5 tons to speeds so high that the payload experiences forces 30 times greater than the pull of Earth's gravity

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6-foot-wide horns in the 42-foot-tall acoustic test chamber can produce noise at levels as high as 150 dB

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Aside from removing all but the smallest trace of air, the Thermal Vacuum Chamber can chill a payload down to minus 310 F, or heat it to a sizzling 302 F for environmental testing of Hubble components
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High Resolution

Testing WFC3 compatibility with HST electrical simulator
Testing WFC3 compatibility with HST electrical simulator, VEST

Low Resolution
High Resolution

The SM4 Flight Crew with the team of Goddard engineers and technicians who have worked with them during the 6 crew familiarization sessions at the GSFC

Larger Image

Astronauts John Grunsfeld, Mike Massimino and Andrew Feustel, along with Goddard tool design engineers, practice operating the Indexing Card Extraction Tool (ICET) to be used in the repair of the Advanced Camera for Surveys

Larger Image

During Crew Fam 4 at GSFC, astronaut Mike Good practices manually overriding a mechanism on the Flight Support System using the flight ratchet wrench

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Astronauts John Grunsfeld and Drew Feustel carefully watch Hubble's powerful new imaging camera, WFC3, being inserted into its Shuttle "suitcase" carrier.

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GSFC Videos

Engineers practice the ACS repair in GSFC clean room

MPEG 22MB 1.4min

COS activities in NASA GSFC cleanroom

MPEG 26MB 1.6min

COS activities in NASA GSFC cleanroom

MPEG 100MB 6.7min

COSactivities in NASA GSFC cleanroom

MP4 9200KB 34sec
WMV 44641KB 34sec

Battery activities at GSFC

MPEG 11MB 43sec

Battery activities at GSFC

MPEG 42MB 2.8min

SCM in cleanroom at GSFC

MPEG 17MB 1.1min

The Chamber of Horrors

(HD)Quicktime 254MB
MP4 33MB

GSFC Animation Videos - None Available