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 Mission Objectives - Part 1 of 3

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Mission Objectives
Mission Timeline
Space Shuttle Crew

Hubble's designers knew that technology would advance rapidly-so they built the telescope to advance right along with it. During planned servicing missions, spacewalking astronauts install powerful new instruments and perform routine maintenance to keep Hubble healthy and on the cutting edge of technology throughout its 20-year life.

The crew of Space Shuttle Columbia conducted Servicing Mission 3B in February 2002. During the 360-mile-high service call, astronauts performed five spacewalks over 11 days.
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Their most important tasks included adding a much more powerful camera, a smaller, more powerful set of solar arrays, a fresh power control unit and an experimental cooling system to revive Hubble's infrared vision.

Primary Tasks Secondary Tasks
Install Advanced Camera
for Surveys (ACS)

Replace Solar Arrays (SA3)

Replace Power Control
Unit (PCU)

Install NICMOS Cooling
System (NCS)

Replace 1 of 4 Reaction
Wheel Assemblies (RWA)
Replace Gyroscopes

Fit New Outer Blanket
Layers (NOBLs)
Hubble Schematic
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Above are summaries of the upgrades that took place. Read onward to find out more about each specific upgrade and their ramifications. CONTINUE...

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Upgrade in Space ::
A space walker changes out instruments to give Hubble its upgrade on a previous mission.
My Up, Your Down ::
Astronauts experience the weightlessness of space as they operate on Hubble.
A Little to the Left! ::
A mission specialist is positioned to work on Hubble by a robotic arm.
Looking at Me? ::
Hubble shines in the foreground reflecting Earth and a gazing crew member.
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