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Cool Links

  1. Amazing Space - web based activites designed for classroom use. Subjects include light and color, the solar system, and the Hubble Space Telescope.
  2. Astronomy Picture of the Day - different image or photograph of the universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
  3. BadAstronomy - an astronomy web page devoted to airing out myths and misconceptions in astronomy and related topics.
  4. Countdown Creations - links and information about STS-103 mission.
  5. DLTK Space Crafts - printable craft templates for the anniversary of the first time man set foot on the moon. Suitable for preschool, kindergarten and gradeschool kids.
  6. Future Astronauts of America Foundation - great space science site with info on spacecraft, astronomy, current news, model rocketry, and more. Contains images, links, a newsletter, and printable text.
  7. Hubble Stamps - Collectable Hubble Stamps from the U.S. Postal Service.
  8. Internet Space Station - tons of space science resources for grades K-6, including information about the solar system, astronauts, meteors, comets, and backyard science activities.
  9. J-Pass 2D Satellite Tracking - 2D plot showing the position of satellites.
  10. J-Pass 3D HST Tracking - 3D plot showing the position of satellites.
  11. J-Pass pass predictions - Using your location and the latest available tracking data, predict the times and paths of a satellite.
  12. Liftoff Academy - explanations of some of the knowledge NASA uses for the space program. Learn about being an astronaut, the Space Shuttle, space stations, and general earth and space science.
  13. Mysteries of Deep Space - from black holes to supernovas, PBS examines the unexplained facets of the universe.
  14. NASA Kids - this neat site from NASA is a fun way to learn about NASA's projects and science with news stories, info, and activities designed for kids.
  15. Space Day - May 22 is Space Day. Check out the activities and play some games.
  16. Space Place - check out this site from NASA and JPL and learn all about different space topics, make some spacy things, solve an extraterrestrial riddle, and dive below the surface of Mars!
  17. SpaceZone - all about space flight and the space program, including live audio and video events.
  18. StarChild - want to learn more about our solar system and the universe? Come try these activites.
  19. The Cosmos: a Search for Life - this great ThinkQuest site lets you explore the mysteries of the vast universe, from the Big Bang to the ongoing search for extra-terrestrial life.
  20. TheTech: Hubble Space Telescope - easy-to-understand information about Hubble Space Telescope by TheTech.
  21. U.S. Space & Rocket Center - experience the "G" forces of a shuttle launch, try to land the space shuttle or see what weightlessness feels like.
  22. U.S. Space Camp - news on camp programs, plus images, sound clips, video, and other space links.
  23. Your Weight on Other Worlds - find out your weight on other planets, moons, and stars while learning about the difference between mass and weight.

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