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Flight Day 7 Activities - Crew Pictures
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Space Shuttle Discovery in Orbit, Flight Day 2, 12/20/99

Space Shuttle Discovery and Crew at Kennedy Space Center

Images from the Launch of Discovery - 12/19/99
Launch Movies (Realplayer)
Space Shuttle Discovery, Ready to Go - 12/16/99
Discovery Roll-Back at the Pad - 12/16/99
Discovery on the Launch Pad - 12/9/99
Discovery Crew Arrives at Kennedy - 12/6/99
Discovery Rolls out to the Launch Pad - 11/14/99

Hubble Team Pictures

The Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 3A began with the spectacular launch of the space shuttle Discovery on December 19, 1999 at 7:50 pm EST.This mission has taken on a new sense of urgency - the world's most productive scientific observatory suspended operations several weeks ago because of a gyroscope failure.

This mission is needed to restore Hubble's ability to keep itself still enough to take scientific observations. This flawless launch shows that the hard work and thoroughness of the launch team over the past six months has paid off. The Hubble Space Telescope Project now stands ready to work with the flight operations team to restore the telescope to perfect operating condition. This will happen through 10 days of detailed and meticulous work, 24 hours a day, throughout the holiday season.

Here are some pictures of the dedicated team that makes the Hubble Space Telescope possible. Their personal sacrifices and the understanding of their families and friends are what make this project one of the most unique and successful human endeavors ever undertaken. We hope you enjoy seeing some of these "faces of Hubble."

treeChristmas Pictures

More Christmas at JSC - 12/26/99
Hubble's Christmas Elves at the STOCC - 12/25/99
Hubble JSC Team on Christmas Day- 12/25/99
Have a Hubble Holiday! The Hubble JSC Team at work - 12/24/99
A Christmas Gift - 12/21/99

Post-Deployment at JSC - 12/25/99
Hubble Management Team on its way to Johnson Space Center - 12/19/99
Hubble JSC Team hard at work
Hubble Team members in the MOSB at Kennedy Space Center - 12/18/99
Hubble STOCC Operations Team Images
Hubble Prelaunch Reception at Kennedy Space Center
>Hubble Team Members & Discovery - 12/16/99



Prelaunch Images
Neutral Buoyancy Testing
HST Hardware in the Cleanroom
Cleanroom Panorama
Serving Mission PreLaunch Walkdown

HST EVA Animations - Updated Dec.6,1999

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EVA Day1 (25,970 KB) (431 KB)
EVA Day2 (23,730 KB) (412KB)
EVA Day3 (12,910 KB) (231KB)
EVA Day4 (20,810 KB) (349 KB)

HST SM3A Panoramic Animations
HST Animations Instructions

This is a composite model of the SM3A and SM3B mission. Solar panels shown are scheduled to be installed on SM3B.

Artists Renderings of the HST during Servicing Mission 3A

HST Animation Sequences