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O rbiting W ide-angle L ight-collectors (OWL)


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  • Robert E. Streitmatter (NASA Study Scientist)
  • Louis M. Barbier
  • Eric R. Christian
  • John F. Krizmanic
  • John W. Mitchell
  • Jonathan F. Ormes
  • Floyd W. Stecker
    Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics
    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
    Greenbelt, Maryland 20771
  • Eugene C. Loh
  • Pierre Sokolsky
  • Paul Sommers
  • Charles Jui
    High Energy Astrophysics Institute
    University of Utah
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
  • John Dimmock
  • Tom Parnell
  • Yoshiyuki Takahashi
    Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Alabama
    Huntsville, Alabama 35899
  • Jim Adams
  • Mark Cristl
    Marshall Space Flight Center
    Hunstville, Alabama 35812
  • Katsushi Arisaka
  • David Cline
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, California 90095
  • W. Robert Binns
  • Marty Israel
    Washington University
    St. Louis, Missouri 63130
  • Stefan Westerhoff
    Columbia University
    New York, New York 10027
  • Steven Csorna
    Vanderbilt University
    Nashville, Tennessee 37235

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