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O rbiting W ide-angle L ight-collectors (OWL)

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OWL Papers

Observing the Ultra High Energy Universe with OWL Eyes (August 2004) -- OWL04.pdf

Stecker Review - Cosmic Physics: The High Energy Frontier -- IOP web page
J. Phys. G 29 (2003) R47-R88

January 2002 White Paper -- WP10c.PDF

The Curious Adventure of the Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays, F.W. Stecker, 2000 (astro-ph/0101072) -- stecker01.pdf

OWL Neutrino Workshop (UCLA, November 1999) White Paper (astro-ph/0003459) -- neutrinos.pdf

OWL-Related Papers

Paul Mikulski's Ph.D. Dissertation (Basis for OWL Airshower Event Generator) -- mikulski-thesis.pdf

OWL Presentations

2000 Viewgraphs

Science Slides

OWL00 1 Science JPEG OWL00 2 Science JPEG OWL00 3 Science JPEG OWL00 4 Science JPEG OWL00 5 Science JPEG
OWL00 6 Science JPEG OWL00 7 Science JPEG OWL00 8 Science JPEG OWL00 9 Science JPEG OWL00 10 Science JPEG
OWL00 11 Science JPEG OWL00 12 Science JPEG OWL00 13 Science JPEG

Instrument Slides

OWL00 1 Instrument JPEG OWL00 2 Instrument JPEG OWL00 3 Instrument JPEG OWL00 4 Instrument JPEG OWL00 5 Instrument JPEG
OWL00 6 Instrument JPEG OWL00 7 Instrument JPEG OWL00 8 Instrument JPEG

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