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Advisory Groups

IXO development is being guided by several key advisory groups of scientists and engineers. More information on each group, along with the names of the group members, can be found below.

IXO Study Coordination Group

The Study Coordination Group (SCG) is overseeing the coordination of all other groups: the science definition team, the telescope working group, and the instrument working group. Final responsibility for the definition of the science requirements rests with the SCG. The SCG is appointed by ESA, JAXA and NASA, and is the primary group which advises the three agencies on suggested mission implementations and their scientific impact. In addition, the SCG will support IXO study teams during the industrial study phase, provide a forum for community interest in the IXO, produce a report on the outcome of the assessment phase, and manage the IXO advisory structure.

Study Scientists

  • David H. Lumb (ESA) – ESA Study Scientist, ESA Chair
  • Nicholas White (GSFC, Greenbelt) – NASA Project Scientist, NASA Chair
  • Hideyo Kunieda (Nagoya University, Nagoya) – JAXA Chair

Study Managers

  • Tadayasu Dotani (ISAS/JAXA)
  • Nicola Rando (ESA)
  • Jean Grady (GSFC, Greenbelt)

HQ Representatives

  • Ana Heras (ESA HQ) – Cosmic Visions Astronomy Coordinator
  • Tadayuki Takahashi (ISAS/JAXA)
  • Wilton Sanders (NASA/HQ, Washington)

Agency Appointed Community Scientists

  • Didier Barret (CESR, Toulouse)
  • Mark Bautz (MIT, Cambridge)
  • Jay Bookbinder (SAO, Cambridge)
  • Joel Bregman (University of Michigan)
  • Kathryn Flanagan (STSCI, Baltimore)
  • Kazuhisa Mitsuda (ISAS/JAXA)
  • Kirpal Nandra (IC, London)
  • Takaya Ohashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo)
  • Luigi Piro (INAF, Roma)
  • Lothar Strüder (MPE, Garching)
  • Takeshi Go Tsuru (Kyoto University) – JAXA Study Scientist

Mailing list:

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IXO Science Definition Team

The main tasks for the Science Definition Team (SDT) is to define and refine the IXO Science Case for submission to the NASA Decadal and ESA Cosmic Visions processes, and more generally to provide advice to the SCG on scientific trades and priorities. In order to carry out these tasks, the SDT is coordinating the input of the larger IXO scientific community around the three driving science topics:

  1. Black Holes and Matter under Extreme Conditions
  2. Galaxy Formation, Galaxy Clusters and Cosmic Feedback
  3. Life Cycles of Matter and Energy

SDT members

  • Xavier Barcons (Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria CSIC-UC, Santander) – ESA Chair
  • Joel Bregman (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) – NASA Chair
  • Takaya Ohashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo) – JAXA Chair
  • Steve Allen (Stanford University, Stanford)
  • Monique Arnaud (CEA, Saclay)
  • Hans Böhringer (MPE, Garching)
  • Niel Brandt (Penn State, University Park)
  • Massimo Cappi (Oss, Bologna)
  • Andrea Comastri (Oss, Bologna)
  • Andy Fabian (IoA, Cambridge)
  • John P. Hughes (Rutgers University, Piscataway)
  • Christine Jones (SAO, Cambridge)
  • Shunji Kitamoto (Rikkyo University)
  • Kyoko Matsushita (Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo)
  • Mariano Mendez (U Groningen)
  • Jon Miller (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
  • Rachel Osten (STScI, Baltimore)
  • Frits Paerels (Columbia University, New York)
  • Chris Reynolds (University of Maryland)
  • Yuichi Terashima (ISAS)
  • Salvatore Sciortino (Oss, Palermo)
  • Mike Shull (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Yoshihiro Ueda (University of Kyoto)
  • Jacco Vink (Utrecht University)
  • Mike Watson (University of Leicester, Leicester)
  • Noriko Yamasaki (ISAS)
  • Ex-Officio: Kirpal Nandra (IC, London), Wilt Sanders (NASA/HQ)
  • Secretaries: Mike Garcia (SAO, Cambridge), Ann Hornschemeier (GSFC, Greenbelt), Randall Smith (SAO, Cambridge)

Mailing list:

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IXO Instrument Working Group

The IXO Instrument Working Group (IWG) will provide a forum for the agencies to inform potential instrument providers with information pertaining to IXO, produce the Payload Definition Document that describes the IXO straw man payload, and perform the instrument activities necessary to complement the agency led study activities.

  • Piet de Korte (SRON) – ESA Chair
  • John Nousek (Penn. State, University Park) – NASA Chair
  • Hiroshi Tsunemi (Osaka University, Osaka) – JAXA Chair
  • Didier Barret (CESR, Toulouse) – HTRS
  • Ronaldo Bellazzini (INFN, Pisa) – XPOL
  • Dave Burrows (Penn State, University Park) – XGS Detectors
  • Webster Cash (University of Colorado, Boulder) – Gratings
  • Lionel Duband (CEA, Grenoble) – Cooler Technology
  • Tali Figueroa (MIT, Cambridge) – Calorimeters
  • George W. Fraser (University of Leicester, Leicester) – X-ray instrumentation
  • Ryuichi Fujimoto (Kanazawa University, Kanazawa) – NFI/Cryogenic
  • Kiyoshi Hayashida (Osaka University, Osaka) – WFI/HXI
  • Ralf Heilmann (MIT, Cambridge) – CAT gratings
  • Andrew Holland (Open University, Milton Keynes) – XGS Detectors
  • Jan-Willem den Herder (SRON, Utrecht) – Gratings
  • Kent Irwin (NIST, Gaithersburg) – Calorimeters
  • Ali Kashani (Atlas Scientific) – XMS
  • Rich Kelley (GSFC, Greenbelt) – Calorimeters
  • Caroline Kilbourne (GSFC, Greenbelt) – Calorimeters
  • Motohide Kokubun (JAXA)
  • Peter Lechner (PNSensor, Munich) – WFI, HTRS
  • Olivier Limousin (CEA, Saclay) – Hard X-ray Detectors
  • Randy McEntaffer (University of Iowa, Iowa City) – Grating
  • Kazuhisa Mitsuda (JAXA, Sagamihara) – NFI/Cryogenic
  • Kazuhiro Nakazawa (University of Tokyo, Tokyo) – HXI
  • Claude Pigot (CEA Saclay) – Calorimeter
  • Luigi Piro (INAF, Roma) – Agency Appointed Community Scientist
  • Brian Ramsey (MSFC, Huntsville) – Hard X-ray Detectors
  • Rick Rothschild (UCSD, San Diego) – Hard X-ray detectors
  • Tadayuki Takahashi (JAXA, Sagamihara) – HXI
  • Jôrn Wilms (ESA, Dr. Remeis Observatory, Bamberg)
  • Ex-Officio: Mark Bautz (MIT, Cambridge), Wilt Sanders (NASA/HQ), Tom Buckler (GSFC, Greenbelt), Didier Martin (ESA), Lothar Strüder (MPE, Garching, ESA)

Mailing list:

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IXO Telescope Working Group

The IXO Telescope Working Group will report on the status of proposed optics technologies to the IXO-SCG, support the overall definition of the telescope design, recommend on technology developments required for the optics technologies, conduct and necessary analysis of X-ray data acquired during test campaigns, and provide support on specific areas such as stray light analysis, contamination, particle deflection and micro-meteoroid protection.

  • Richard Willingale (University of Leicester, Leicester) – ESA Chair
  • Hideyo Kunieda (Nagoya University, Nagoya) – JAXA Chair
  • Rob Petre (GSFC, Greenbelt) – NASA Chair
  • Hisamitsu Awaki (Ehime university, Ehime)
  • Marcos Bavdaz (ESA)
  • Finn Christensen (Danish National Space Center, Copenhagen)
  • Peter Friedrich (MPE, Garching)
  • Rene Hudec (ESA, Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov)
  • Manabu Ishida (JAXA, Sagamihara)
  • Yoshimoto Maeda (JAXA, Sagamihara)
  • Steve Odell (MSFC, Huntsville)
  • Giovanni Pareschi (INAF, Brera)
  • Paul Reid (SAO, Cambridge)
  • Suzanne Romaine (SAO, Cambridge)
  • Mark Schattenburg (MIT, Cambridge)
  • Will Zhang (GSFC, Greenbelt)
  • Ex-Officio: Jay Bookbinder (SAO, Cambridge), Wilt Sanders (NASA/HQ)

Mailing list:

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