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The NCC in a Late Stage

The Power Conversion Electronics (PCE) is highlighted in green.
Along with the superior coating, several modifications were made to subsystems in the NCC to improve efficiency and reliability.

The Power Conversion Electronics (PCE) were redesigned to provide a quieter power signal, implement operational changes, and increase sensor resolution. An essential component, the PCE provides the primary conversion of the HST's DC bus power to controlled, high frequency three phase power to drive the compressor and circulator.

By supplying more current from the PCE inverter. The acceleration time for the circulator was reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds to reduce rubbing contact between the shaft and bearings during startup.

The diameter of the flexible fluid transfer lines in the circulation loop was reduced to decrease radiative heat leak. The circulator speed was reduced from 1500 rps to 1200 rps and the operating pressure level in the circulation loop was increased. These changes reduced the estimated heat load to the cryocooler from 0.75 watts to 0.5 watts - a significant enhancement.


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