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Loading up the Shuttle

NCS is stowed aboard the shuttle's bay. The NCS radiator can be seen oriented horizontally in a snug carrier.


The Shuttle Discovery lifts off to orbit the earth and test the NCS's systems for "space qualification".
With the problems of the ground testing hopefully behind it, NCS was loaded onto the shuttle bay of mission STS-95 for on October 29th launch. The shuttle also contained a great-deal of non-Hubble related equipment. Senator John Glenn returned to space on this mission as the oldest man in history to make the journey. To the Hubble team, the mission was designated the name "HOST" for HST Orbital Systems Test.

As NCS went into space, mission ground control anxiously waited for the astronauts to trigger the mechanical cooler. NCS was activated, and the Hubble team monitored its systems for over seven days.

NCS met all its requirements and passed the space qualification test. There was much rejoicing.


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Video of Shuttle Discovery's Launch for the HOST mission (STS-95). Courtesy of JSC.
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