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AMEGO Team members will be at the following conferences.
  • September 2018: RICAP, Roma, Italy
  • November 2018: IEEE, Sydney, Australia

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AMEGO at the 231st AAS

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Gamma-SIG at 11:00 am (MD Ballroom 3)

e-ASTROGAM and AMEGO Updates


Poster Session at 5:30 pm

MeV Emission from Local Seyfert Active Galaxies (E. Mullin)


Talk at 10:00 am (Maryland B)

Polarization Observations of Fermi Blazars (B. Rani)


Spinter at 1:00 pm (National Harbor 8)

Astrophysical Extremes and Life Cycles of the Elements (A. Har\ ding, D. Hartmann, J. Racusin, A. Fabian, R. Woolf, & T. Linden)

Poster Session at 5:30 pm

Fermi-LAT VIP AGN (D. Thompson)

GRBs and GW Counterparts with AMEGO (J. Racusin)

Neutrino Astrophysics in the MeV Band (R. Ojha)


iPoster Session at 9:00 am

Development and Testing of the Tracker (S. Griffin)

Poster Session at 5:30 pm

Exploring Dark Matter (R. Caputo)

CsI Calorimeter Development for AMEGO (J. E. Grove)


Talk at 2:10 pm (Potomac C)

Advancing the MeV Frontier with AMEGO (D. Hartmann)

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