Request your observation to GRT team

GRT team welcomes a request of your observation in any level of interests (e.g. professinal research, school/summer project, fun, etc). We especially welcome requests from young students (e.g. elementary school, junior high school and high school) who want to explore the Universe using our telescope. We will send uncalibrated images, calibration frames (bias, dark and flat) and calibrated images (all in FITS format) in the next day of the observation. Due to the weather condition and the on-going higher priority observations, the time critical observation might be difficult to schedule. If the quality of the image is not in a satisfactory level, we will try to re-observe your object at the different day.

(1) Your basic contact information

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Your status (e.g. elementary school student, researcher)

(2) Observation information

Name of the object:
Right Ascension of the object (J2000): [deg]
Declination of the object (J2000): [deg]
Typical magnitude of the object in R filter (if you know): [mag]
Which filter you want to use (U,B,V,R,I,Clear; you can specify multiple filters):
What is the total exposure time which you need to achieve your goal: [s]
Any additional observation information which you want us to know:

(3) Your goal

Please tell us briefly about your goal of using GRT data:

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