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TES VII: 7th International Workshop on Transition Edge Sensors

The Applied Superconductivity Conference is pleased to host the 7th International Workshop on Transition Edge Sensor Device Physics from August 10th-15th, 2014 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC.  This workshop will focus on the topics at the forefront of TES research. The people organizing the TES-VII workshop part of this meeting consists primarily of members of the program committee: Warren Holmes, Sherry Cho, Flavio Gatti and Simon Bandler. If there is anyone else who is willing to contribute their efforts to making this and the next workshop a better meeting, please let one of these people know.

The workshop will consist of both oral presentations and poster sessions. ASC presentation guidelines can be found here.  Contributed and invited oral presentations are 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, where the 15-minute presentation should last 12-13 minutes with 2-3 minutes available for questions afterwards and 30-minute presentations should last 25 minutes with 5 minutes available for questions.  Oral presentations need to be submitted at least one day prior to the scheduled talk. There are no formal invited overview talks for this workshop this time, although the invited speakers that have been given 30-minute presentations are encouraged to provide a brief introduction to the session and general area.

ASC publication guidelines can be found here.  Manuscripts must be electronically submitted.

Accommodations will be handled through the ASC conference.  Please look at their web page here.

Pre-conference registration ends August 1st - you can register here.