GSFC Python Bootcamp 2017

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The GSFC Python Bootcamp is aimed to advance current Python users in their knowledge and skill of the Python language. As someone has said Python is becoming the de facto standard data analysis language in many areas of science. This course is a two day intensive workout which will involve lectures from and hands on-sessions with Goddard scientists. This will not be a computer science class but rather a how-do-I-use-it-in-my-research type of class. The material is aimed at users familiar with a working programming knowledge of Python (including and especially Summer interns!)

Important Dates




The Bootcamp will be held at the NASA GEWA Recreational Center on Campus



You will need to bring your own computer and have the following software installed:

Please follow these Installation Instructions.

Which Python version should I use?

Python 2.x is considered the current standard in the industry for scientists and engineers, but there is a slow migration toward Python 3.x. This migration is being forced for all Python developers as Python 2.x will not be supported after 2020 ( Writing code that is compatible with both 2.x and 3.x version of the Python interpreter is reachable and documentation can be found at