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Magnetospheres of Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Magnetospheres of Neutron Stars and Black Holes

A workshop at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
June 10 - 13, 2019
Building 34, Room 150

Organizers: Alice Harding, Demos Kazanas, Constantinos Kalapotharakos, Andrey Timokhin, Zorawar Wadiasingh

Following the success of our initial workshop on the Physics of Pulsar Magnetospheres in June 2016, we are planning a second small workshop at Goddard, June 10 - 13, 2019. There has been much recent progress in modeling not only single-pulsar magnetospheres but also black hole and merging neutron star magnetospheres. There have also been many new observational results from Fermi, NICER, LIGO, IceCube, the Event Horizon Telescope and Air-Cherenkov telescopes. We are therefore expanding the scope of the workshop this year to Magnetospheres of Neutron Stars and Black Holes, to bring together a mix of theorists and observers working in both fields. We workshop will take place over 4 days with presentations of current research results and ample time for discussion.

There will be a workshop dinner at 6:30 PM on Tuesday June 11 at East Pearl Restaurant, 7701 Greenbelt Road. The cost per person is $30 (cash) - alcoholic beverages are extra and can be paid with credit.

Badging Information

All meeting attendees will be required to display on their person a NASA Goddard Visitor's badge. This badge is in addition to your meeting attendee badge. The visitor badge can only be issued to those who have received a confirmation of registration. Once your registration has been received, you will be contacted within 48 hours confirming your badge request is in process and will detail any additional information that will be needed from you to continue the process. If you do not receive your badge initiation request, please contact Lynette Queen to follow up.

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US Citizens/ Naturalized Citizens/ Legal Permanent residents (Green card holders)

You will have to produce two forms of ID listed on the attached I-9 Security poster. Green card holders MUST bring their "green card". If you have specific questions pertaining to your proof of identification please do not hesitate to contact Lynette Queen.

Foreign Nationals

All non US Citizens are classified as a Foreign Nationals. All foreign national badge processing will occur at the Security office (building 9) located at the Main gate: 8800 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, Maryland. For identification proofing, your passport and visa documents must be presented. If you are not traveling on a visa you MUST bring a copy of the confirmation page of your ESTA Visa waiver.

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Greenbelt Holiday Inn

The Greenbelt Holiday Inn is located at 7200 Hanover Drive, Greenbelt MD 20770. This hotel is offering a nightly room rate of $129.00 during the meeting. This rate includes a full continental breakfast, complimentary shuttle service and free parking. Hotel check in time is 3pm and check out is 11am. Each guest is responsible for all charges associated with your reservation. Any reservation not canceled by 6pm the date of arrival will be billed for one night's room and tax.

This room block will expire May 24, 2019, and any unused rooms will be released.

Please contact the hotel at 1-855-747-0792 and provide them with the group name: PULSARS


The hotel will provide shuttle service to and from the hotel.