The preliminary program (2pm - 4:30pm) is as follows:

The organizer envisions a "workshop" forum with a small number of presentations, topical discussions in splinter focus groups, and short reports by group chairs. He will begin with a description of the opportunity (the Far-IR Surveyor in NASA's Astrophysics Roadmap) and concepts for the mission, a brief summary of the SPICA mission, and then describe notional science drivers and measurement requirements. Possible splinter group discussion topics could include:

  • What spectral line sensitivity is required, and over what spectral range?
  • What are the tradeoffs between angular resolution and spectral resolution if the objective is to map the water distribution in protoplanetary disks?
  • Besides water, what other key markers of habitability exist in the far-infrared?
  • How will a far-IR mission's observations complement those that will come from ALMA and JWST?

If you are interested in giving a presentation, proposing a new discussion topic, or chairing a splinter group, please contact Dave Leisawitz