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TIGER in Antarctica

November 21, 2001

Erebus Lets Off Some Steam

We're currently spending quite a bit of time trying to get the TIGER instrument in tip top shape. There are no major problems, but there are a few little things, most of which were working when we had the instrument together at the National Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, Texas, but are now not working.

Mount Erebus Acting Up When we head out of the barn to go to lunch, we see a nice plume up on the top of Mount Erebus. A lot of days have been overcast, but when it's clear, the view of Erebus is always spectacular. This is the most active I've seen it

Photo on right: Mount Erebus acting up

When I get back into town, I happen to be talking to one of the vulcanologists, and he tells me that Erebus is actually very consistent in the amount of gas it releases, and that is only atmospheric effects that I'm seeing. It just depends upon where the gas condenses to a mist, and where the wind is fast enough to pull the steam to the side. It spoils a little of the fun.

In previous years they've put up an ErebusCam live view into the magma lake in the crater of Erebus. If it goes on the web this year (in a few weeks), I'll put a link to it.

Photo of Dr. Christian

Dr. Eric R. Christian
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