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NASA Feature 04.07.2015The Solar System and Beyond is Awash in Water

News Video 04.07.2015Water in our Universe

NASA Feature 04.06.2015On Earth Day, Show NASA How There's #NoPlaceLikeHome

NASA Feature 04.01.2015Our Solar System and Beyond: NASA's Search for Water and Habitable Planets

WWW Article 03.03.2015New technique allows analysis of clouds around exoplanets

WWW Article 01.28.2015Will NASA's TESS spacecraft revolutionize exoplanet hunting?

WWW Article 01.19.2015After Kepler, what is next for the planet hunters?

WWW Article 01.06.2015So Many Earth-Like Planets, So Few Telescopes

NASA Feature 12.16.2014NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

News Video 11.20.2014Dr. Jon Jenkins – Chasing Shadow Worlds: Exoplanets from Kepler & Beyond

News Video 11.19.2014Creating the Future: Building JWST, what it may find, and what comes next?

NASA Feature 11.07.2014NASA's TESS Mission Cleared for Next Development Phase

WWW Article 10.15.2014Getting To Know Super-Earths

WWW Article 09.28.2014NASA Exoplanet Mission to Hunt Down Earth-sized Worlds

WWW Article 09.04.2014Crepp joins NASA's TESS science team
[Notre Dame News]

WWW Article 07.24.2014On Cloudy Alien Planets, a Chance for Life

NASA Feature 07.23.2014The Most Precise Measurement of an Allien World's Size

WWW Article 07.22.2014Newfound Alien Planet Has Longest Year Known for Transiting World

News Video 07.18.2014Apollo 11 yesterday, N ext Giant Leap tomorrow on This Week @NASA

WWW Article 07.16.2014NASA More Confident Than Ever That We Are Not Alone

WWW Article 07.16.2014NASA says it could find another Earth-like planet in next 20 years

WWW Article 07.15.2014Huge Space Telescope Needed to Seek Life on Alien Planets

NASA Feature 07.14.2014Finding Life Beyond Earth is Within Reach

News Video 07.14.2014Space Experts Discuss the Search for Life in the Universe at NASA

WWW Article 07.14.2014NASA Mission to Reap Bonanza of Earth-sized Planets
[Astrobiology Magazine]

WWW Article 06.19.2014Work starts on world's largest ground-based telescope
[The Christian Science Monitor]

WWW Article 03.24.2014In space, there's no place like home. Or is there?

WWW Article 03.17.2014Jon Jenkins: Kepler's stream of data still yielding exoplanet discoveries

WWW Article 03.07.2014How are TESS and the JWST different?
[Space Answers]

WWW Article 02.03.2014Kepler's Second Act
[The Space Review]

WWW Article 01.03.2014Nasa discovers 715 amazing new habitable planets

WWW Article 01.03.20145 Intriguing Things: Friday, 1/3
[The Atlantic]

WWW Article 01.02.2014On Extraterrestrial Life: Part III
[The Huffington Post]
WWW Article 12.19.2013Massive Leap in Search for Habitable Planets
[The Christian Science Monitor]

WWW Article 12.13.2013Search finds no shortage of alien super-Earth planets
[NBC News]

WWW Article 12.06.2013We have the Technology to Find Alien Life, Scientists Tell Congress
[NBC News]

WWW Article 12.04.2013Testimony of Dr. Sara Seager, Hearing on Astrobiology
[Astrobiology Web]

News Video 12.04.2013Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

WWW Article 11.30.2013NASA to decide on use of smaller spacecraft for planet-hunting
[The Economic Times]

WWW Article 11.21.2013Incredible Technology: How Future Space Missions May Hunt for Alien Planets
[Yahoo! News]

WWW Article 11.15.2013Searching for Earth 2.0
[Science Friday]

WWW Article 11.04.2013Life After Kepler: Upcoming Exoplanet Missions
[Universe Today]

WWW Article 10.30.2013All About TESS, NASA's Next Planet Finder
[Popular Mechanics]

NASA Article 10.22.2013Stephen Rinehart Scouts for Exoplanets

WWW Article 10.16.2013On the Road to One Thousand Exoplanets
[Universe Today]

WWW Article 09.25.2013Planet Hunter Sara Seager Wins $625,000 ‘Genius Grant’

WWW Article 09.05.2013A Super Time for SuperEarths
[Astrobiology Magazine]

WWW Article 09.04.2013Observations indicate super-Earth-sized planet has water-rich atmosphere
[Astronomy Magazine]

WWW Article 09.03.2013The Drake Ewuation Revisited: An interview with Sara Seager
[Astrobiology Magazine]

WWW Article 08.26.2013The Once and Future Kepler Mission
[Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination]

WWW Article 08.23.2013Kepler telescope can't be fixed
[Society for Science]

NASA Article 07.31.2013New Explorer Mission Chooses the ‘Just-Right’ Orbit

NASA Article 07.31.2013The Just-Right Orbit
[NASA GSFC Office of the Chief Technologist]

WWW Article 07.29.2013What's Next for NASA: Planned Missions Through 2030

WWW Article 07.29.2013NASA X-ray Telescope Observes Planet Passing in Front of its Star for the First Time

News Video 06.21.2013Exoplanets: The Next Frontier | An interview with Sara Seager
[Sky and Telescope]

WWW Article 06.2013After Kepler, TESS
[Astronomy & Geophysics by Oxford Journals]

WWW Article 05.30.2013Exoplanets After Kepler: What's next?
[Sky & Telescope]

WWW Article 05.17.2013Q&A: The Future of the Kepler Spacecraft
[National Geographic]

WWW Article 05.14.2013A New NASA Mission Propels Detailed Investigations of Nearby Exoplanets
[Scientific American]

WWW Article 05.02.2013Beyond Kepler: New Missions to Search for Alien Planets

WWW Article 05.01.2013Spotlight Live: TESS & the Search for Exoplanets
[The Kavli Foundation]

WWW Article 04.24.2013Orbital Selected By NASA for TESS Astrophysics Satellite

WWW Article 04.24.2013Orbital Gets $75M To Build TESS Exoplanet Telescope
[Space News]

WWW Article 04.22.2013NASA doubles down on exoplanets and SETI institute will be part of the search

WWW Article 04.20.2013Planet hunting: How MIT's TESS will bring search for life closer to home
[The Christian Science Monitor]

WWW Article 04.11.2013Neighborhood Watch: New NASA Mission Will Propel Detailed Investigations of Nearby Exoplanets
[Scientific American]

WWW Article 04.10.2013New Exoplanet-Hunting Mission to launch in 2017
[Universe Today]

WWW Article 04.09.2013NASA gives planet-hunting TESS space telescope go-ahead for 2017 launch

WWW Article 04.08.2013Meet TESS, NASA's new mission for hunting planets — and life
[Los Angeles Times]

WWW Article 04.08.2013NASA's next exoplanet hunter to launch in 2017

WWW Article 04.08.2013NASA And MIT Mission Will Search For Habitable Planets

WWW Article 04.08.2013NASA To Fund Mission To Find Earth-like Planet
[Nature World News]

WWW Article 04.08.2013Exoplanet satellite gets the nod from NASA

WWW Article 04.08.2013NASA approves planet hunting satellite for 2017 launch
[CBS News]

WWW Article 04.07.2013Kepler 2.0: Next-Gen Exoplanet Hunter Approved
[Discovery News]

WWW Article 04.06.2013NASA chooses all-sky planet hunter, neutron star watcher for liftoff in 2017
[NBC News]

NASA Article 04.05.2013NASA Selects Explorer Investigations for Formulation

WWW Article 04.05.2013NASA Selects MIT-led TESS Project for 2017 Mission
[The Kavli Foundation]

WWW Article 04.05.2013NASA to Launch Planet-Hunting Probe, Neutron Star Experiment in 2017
WWW Article 10.15.2012Future exoplanet missions: NASA and the world (part 2)
[The Space Review]
WWW Article 10.06.2011TESS Project Awarded $1 Million NASA Grant
[The Kavli Foundation]

WWW Article 10.03.2011NASA selects science investigations for concept studies
[Science Daily]

WWW Article No Date5 Tremendous Telescopes of the Future
[Popular Mechanics]

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