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Download Page - Catalog of Infrared Observations

[Uncompressed Files] [Compressed Files]
From here you can find out how to download the CIO data files to your computer. If you would rather search the CIO on-line, please go to the Search Page.

[Formats] Read an explanation of the database file formats
[FTP] View the CIO file directory or download the uncompressed or compresssed CIO database files
[SOFTWARE] Find out about using file conversion software to uncompress the downloaded files

The CIO files are available for downloading in both uncompressed and compressed form.

1. Uncompressed Files

The uncompressed files are ASCII format files ranging in size from 100 kilobytes to 5.1 megabytes. Most are between 1 and 2 megabytes. The following table describes the contents of the uncompressed file directory.

               FILE LIST

     FILENAME              DESCRIPTION

     CHANGES5.1            description of changes in version 5.1
     FORMATS               description of file formats
     JOURNALS              list of journals searched for database
     READTHIS              description of downloading and the WinZip utility
     UNITS                 definitions of flux units
     *.dat (* = 00-23      Main Catalog (25 files)
            or 99)+
     names.dat+            sources and positions (ordered alphabetically by name)
     psc.dat+              IRAS Point Source Catalog data
     refchron.dat+         bibliographic references (chronological)
     refauth.dat+          bibliographic references (ordered alphabetically by author)
     spectra.dat+          spectral data in the Main Catalog

+ included in compressed "tar" files (see below).

The files JOURNALS , FORMATS , and UNITS provide supplemental information which is essential for complete use of the database. To see what changes were made from edition 5 to edition 5.1 of the Catalog see the file CHANGES5.1.

2. Compressed Files

The compresssed data files consist of twelve 1-megabyte files named cio01.tar.Z, cio02.tar.Z ... cio09.tar.Z, names.tar.Z, psc.tar.Z, and spec+ref.tar.Z, which have been processed with the UNIX "tar" and "compress" commands. You can download the compressed data files to a subdirectory of your choice. When these files are extracted with tar, a "ciov5.1" subdirectory will be created and the extracted files written there. If you are using a PC, the .tar.Z files can be successfully uncompressed with the WinZip utility, which is available from the WinZip home page. More information is available about WinZip, or see the READTHIS file in the CIO file directory. When downloading the CIO data files, one should remember to also download the FORMATS, JOURNALS, and UNITS files.

IMPORTANT!! The uncompressed Catalog files take up about 39.6 megabytes of disk space.

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Last modified: December 4, 2000

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