Energetic X-ray Imaging Survey Telescope

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Soft X-ray Imager

Soft X-ray Imager The Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) will measure the fluxes, spectra, and lightcurves of GRBs, afterglows and AGNs over a wide dynamic range. It can improve the GRB localization acquired by HET down to <5" in several seconds of target acquisition for a typical GRB. From the year three, EXIST will follow up on AGNs discovered in the first two year survey of "scanning" operation. Combined with the observation by HET, this follow-up study will provide a wide energy coverage from 0.3 - 600 keV on these AGNs (500 - 1000/year for 20-50 ksec each), which will unambiguously determine the nature of AGNs (e.g. unobscured vs obscured).

The current design is based on Swift/XRT, and it is under study by Italy/ASI for vast improvement in performance at low cost. The SXI is a focusing X-ray telescope with a 1000 cm2 effective area at 1 keV, 15. x 15 arcmin FOV, 18 arcsec resolution (half-power diameter), and 0.3-8 keV energy range. The SXI uses a grazing incidence Wolter 1 telescope to focus X-rays onto a state-of-the-art CCD.

  • X-ray Mirrors
  • X-ray CCD