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MeV gamma-ray astronomy:

  • Vaidehi S. Paliya, et al.

    Supermassive black holes at high redshifts.

    Astro2020 White Paper, 2019.
  • Zorawar Wadiasingh, et al.

    Magnetars as Astrophysical Laboratories of Extreme Quantum Electrodynamics: The Case for a Compton Telescope.

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  • Chris L. Fryer, et al.

    Catching Element Formation In The Act.

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  • IceCube Collaboration, and et al.

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  • E. Burns et al.

    Gamma Rays and Gravitational Waves.

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  • E. Burns et al.

    Opportunities for Multimessenger Astronomy in the 2020s.

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  • Oleg Korobkin, et al.

    Gamma-rays from kilonova: a potential probe of r-process nucleosynthesis.

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  • Eric Burns, et al.

    A Summary of Multimessenger Science with Neutron Star Mergers.

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  • Meng-Ru Wu, et al.

    Finding the remnants of the Milky Way’s last neutron star mergers.

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  • Tonia M. Venters et al.

    Energetic Particles of Cosmic Accelerators II: Active Galactic Nuclei and Gamma-ray Bursts.

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  • F. Krauß, et al.

    Fermi/LAT counterparts of IceCube neutrinos above 100 TeV.

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  • Elena Orlando et al.

    Cosmic Rays and Interstellar Medium with Gamma-Ray Observations at MeV Energies.

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    Leptohadronic Blazar Models Applied to the 2014-2015 Flare of TXS 0506+056.

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  • Eileen Meyer, et al.

    Prospects for AGN Studies at Hard X-ray through MeV Energies.

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  • M. Di Mauro, et al.

    Prospects for the detection of synchrotron halos around middle-age pulsars.

    Astro2020 White Paper, 2019.
  • Regina Caputo, et al.

    Looking Under a Better Lamppost: MeV-scale Dark Matter Candidates.

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    Prospects for indirect dark matter searches with MeV photons.

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