The RXTE X-ray Lightcurve of Eta Carinae

X-RAY brightness vs. phase X-RAY brightness vs. time X-RAY brightness vs. time with quicklook data

Click on the images above to view the RXTE Eta Car lightcurve.

Swift Processed observations through 2013-07-23.
RXTE Quicklook observations through 2009-04-18.

Phases are calculated according to the following ephemeris:

X-ray minimum = 2448776 + 2024E

Schedule of RXTE observations of Eta Car

Mike's Eta Car wiki


Flare timings

Observation to Observation Differences

Cycle 1 and 2 detailed comparison

Variation of NH and observed 2-10 keV flux from analysis of the RXTE spectra

Information about the 2003.5 X-ray eclipse/"shell event" observing campaign

The schedule of RXTE observations of Eta Car

General Information about X-ray observations of Eta Car

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