The X-ray spectrum of Eta Carinae varies with time and phase. To characterize the variability of the X-ray spectrum we fit the RXTE spectra using a 2-component VMEKAL model based on our fit to the Chandra HETGS spectrum. In XSPEC parlance, this is a
model in which the temperatures are fixed and the NH and norms of the 2 vmekal components are allowed to vary.

Here is a plot of the recent changes in NH vs. phase. The previous cycle variations are plotted in red. Phases are calculated according to the following ephemeris:

HJD X-ray minimum = 1997.95 + 5.54156E 

NH vs. phase

Here is a plot of the 2-10 keV observed flux (uncorrected for NH):

variation of flux

Variation of observed RXTE PCU2 L1 counts

Information about the 2003.5 X-ray eclipse/"shell event" observing campaign

The schedule of RXTE observations of Eta Car

General Information about X-ray observations of Eta Car

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