Collisional Exozodi Simulation Catalog

Maintained by Miles Currie[Contact]

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The Collisional Exozodi Simulation Catalog is an accessible collection of 192 models of optically thin debris disks with planet-induced mean motion resonant structure. Each model simulates a system comprised of a dust cloud in the presence of the Sun and a single planet on a circular orbit. Each disk includes a broad range of grain sizes. Destructive collisions between grains were included self-consistently. For more information on how the models were generated, see Stark et al. (2011). For information on how the images were generated, see Currie et al. (2023).

Use the drop-down menus below to select the properties of the planet (planet mass and planet semi-major axis) and system (zodi level and inclination).

The output includes a histogram of the optical depth and a synthetic scattered light image.


  Mp (MEarth) ap (AU) zodis inclination (deg)    


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