Collisionless Exozodi Simulation Catalog

Maintained by Christopher Stark [Contact]



The Exozodi Simulation Catalog is an accessible collection of 120 models of optically thin, collisionless debris disks. Each model simulates a system comprised of a dust cloud in the presence of the Sun and a single planet on a circular orbit. The simulations were performed on the Thunderhead cluster at NASA GSFC. Each simulation integrated the paths of 5,000 particles using a modified hybrid symplectic integrator.

Use the drop-down menus below to select the properties of the planet (planet mass and planet semi-major axis) and grain properties (β). β is the ratio of the force due to radiation pressure to the gravitational force between the dust grain and the star. For the solar case, β = 0.57 / (ρ * s), where ρ is the density of the dust grain in g cm^-3 and s is the size of the dust grain in μm.

The output includes a face-on histogram and radial cuts of the density distribution, scattered light surface brightness, and 10 μm thermal emission surface brightness. There is also a contrast analysis of the ring density structure.


  Mp (MEarth) ap (AU) β    


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