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David S. Davis

My current position is at Joint Center for Astrophysics, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County working for the GLAST SSC at GSFC as the GLAST archive scientist.

Dave Davis is a graduate from the University of Maryland Department of Astronomy. His thesis work was at Goddard Space Flight Center and was directed by Dr. Richard Mushotzky. His thesis work involved searching an X-ray flux limited sample of galaxy clusters for X-ray substructure. Other research areas while at GSFC were the X-ray properties of poor groups of galaxies and he was part of the team that discovered hot X-ray gas in the NGC 2300 group. His was also active in the determining the X-ray properties of moderate redshift clusters. He was at the University of Alabama in the Department of Physics and Astronomy as an EPSCoR Postdoctoral Research Associate. Currently he is continuing his investigations of the physical properties of poor groups of galaxies and their evolution using XMM data. He is also involved in a multi-wavelength study of the galaxies in the Abell 3128 with J. Rose. Other research involves continuing to study clusters using X-ray data from Chandra and combining this with optical data.


* B.S., University of Alabama 1981

* M.S., Univeristy of Florida 1983

* Ph.D. University of Maryland 1994


* Clusters of galaxies: X-ray substructure, enrichment of the ICM

* Groups of Galaxies: X-ray properties, evolution and formation

* Elliptical Galaxies: X-ray properties, enrichment and evolution

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