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Field: xmm0042341601

Detector Exposure (Original/High-E Flare Cleaned/Low-E Cleaned) Image binning Plate scale ("/pixel) Bgd. level (orig/High-E flare cleaned/cleaned, counts/sq. arcmin/s) GTI file Bgd. light curves Roll angle CCD counts Extra info
mos1 17870 | 17734 | 14793 1.00 4.35 0/0 Yes orig clean ccd1:36518 ccd2:15510 ccd3:10044 ccd4:15485 ccd5:17110 ccd6:9509 ccd7:15277 filter=Thin1
pn 1999 | 1999 | 1934 1.00 4.35 0/0 Yes orig clean ccd1:1016 ccd2:1212 ccd3:866 ccd4:3216 ccd5:1242 ccd6:1090 ccd7:511 ccd8:444 ccd9:441 ccd10:443 ccd11:530 ccd12:425 filter=Thin1

Source List (gives positions and fluxes and links for detailed analyses)

14 source(s) in memory
Iteration: 2
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xray image
skyview image

Xray image, smoothed with a 2 pixel gaussian

Skyview image(s) of FOV (with X-ray sources marked)

Color code (marks may only appear on detector-specific images for multi-detector missions, see links above): green = point source, red = problematic/questionable source, blue = extended source, magenta = asymmetric source (may be extended), cyan = estimated detector boundary, purple = "Region of Interest" (if set)

Python version = 2.5.4 (r254:67916, Aug 14 2009, 18:07:15) [GCC 4.1.1 20070105 (Red Hat 4.1.1-52)]
Headas version = 6.13
XAssist version = 1.000
SAS version = xmmsas_20110223_1801-11.0.0
numpy version = 1.3.0
Pyfits version = 2.1.1
XAssist originally started on this data set at Tue Jun 25 00:57:26 2013
This data set was last accessed on Tue Jun 25 00:57:26 2013
Current user = xassist on x3.localdomain
Number of fields in memory = 1
Current field being processed = xmm0042341601
Position of field target = 4 37 10.20 0 43 34.7
Current telescope = xmm
Current detector = all
Processing mode = proc
Processing status = OK
Detection method = eboxdetect
Batch processing enabled
Place data, logs, etc. in field subdirectories
Image analysis will be over range of allowed energies
Will analyze each ccd separately

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