Source 9

Source 9 Image Source Image Background Image
Analysis TypeResultsPlotProducts
Spatial Source position = 9 51 57.31 21 40 58.8
Source image position = (896.102824593, 677.259558943)
Source region radius = 2.1"
Background annulus = 3.2" - 8.0"
Detailed fitting results
Spectral Spectral fit not performed
Not generating rmf since there are only 10 counts
Insufficient counts for spectral fitting
N/A srcpi bgdpi arf
Temporal K-S test against local background:
d = 0.358974, prob = 0.320656
K-S test against global background:
d = 0.388366, prob = 0.0388562
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Regions give source ellipse (red) and bgd. annulus used in product extraction (green), other ellipse show nearby sources that have been excluded (blue, if any).N.B., nearby sources are NOT excluded from the source regions since in many cases that would also remove many source photons for the source of interest, and this case is more properly handled manually

Source variability probability gives the probability that the source light curve is consistent with the background light curve. "Local" background is taken from the annulus shown. "Global" background is the background light curve shown on the main report page.

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