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Artist's Concept of a Planetary System NASA Goddard Exoplanet Seminar

Thursdays, 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM (US Eastern Time)
Virtually on Zoom

Organizers: Joe Renaud (GSFC 698), Prabal Saxena (GSFC 693), Alison Farrish (GSFC 674), Kellen Lawson (GSFC 667), Erika Kohler (GSFC 691), Thomas Fauchez (GSFC 693), & Estelle Janin (UCL)

The best way to stay up to date with the latest Exoplanet seminar news is by joining our mailing list. You must be on GSFC network to use that link. However, anyone is welcome to join the list even with a non-NASA email, simply email Joe Renaud if you would like to be added.

If you would like to give a talk, or recommend someone else as a speaker, please contact one of the hosts listed above. Also contact us if you are interested in becoming a host, we always need more volunteers!

If you'd like to schedule a time to meet with any of our speakers at GFSC, please contact the host listed with the speaker.

For more exoplanet-related talks at Goddard, see the LUVOIR Seminar Series or the Technosignature Seminar Series. Want to hear about even more exoplanet science? Then check out the local ChExo mini conference.

The NASA Goddard Exoplanet Seminar Series is co-hosted by the GSFC Sellers Exoplanet Environments Collaboration, the Solar System Exploration Division, and the Astrophysics Science Division.

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Upcoming Seminars
Jan. 26th Aida Behmard (Caltech) How Common is Planet Engulfment? Host: Alison Farrish.
Feb. 16th Tessa Fisher (ASU) TBA Host: Estelle Janin.
Mar. 3rd Lili Alderson (ASU) TBA Host: Prabal Saxena.
Mar. 9th Martin Cordiner (GSFC/CUA) TBA Host: TBD.
2022 Seminars
See all of the recorded 2022 seminars here.
Dec. 1st Guillaume Chaverot (University of Geneva) First Exploration of the Entire Runaway Greenhouse Transition with a 3D GCM Watch the recorded talk here.
Nov. 21st Eric Gaidos (U. of Hawai'i - Mānoa) "Dipper Stars": A Serendipitous Window into the Realm of Planet Formation Watch the recorded talk here.
Nov. 17th Jens Kammerer (STScI) High-Contrast Imaging of Substellar Companions with Current and Future Space Telescopes Watch the recorded talk here.
Nov. 10th Jorge Martinez-Palomera (NASA Ames/BAERI) Kepler Bonus: 400,000+ New Light Curves from Kepler's Background Sources Watch the recorded talk here.
Nov. 3rd
Arika Egan (University of Colorado) Small Satellites and Science: An Overview of the CUTE CubeSat Mission Recorded talk is not available.
Oct. 13th Kellen Lawson (University of Oklahoma) The Lord of the Rings: Understanding Planet Formation Through Planet-forming Disks Watch the recorded talk here.
Sep. 22nd Tyler Richey-Yowell (Lowell Observatory) A Photometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of the High-Energy Evolution of K Stars Watch the recorded talk here.
Sep. 8th Christophe Lovis (Uni. of Geneva) High-contrast, high-resolution spectroscopy of exoplanets with VLT-RISTRETTO Watch the recorded talk here.
Aug. 25th Kristin Showalter Sotzen (JHU/APL) Prospects for Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres Using Low SNR Methods Watch the recorded talk here.
July 29th Mona El Morsy (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique) A Prototype Instrument for the Direct Characterization of Young Giant Exoplanets Watch the recorded talk here.
Jun. 30th Erin May (JHU/APL) Spitzer's Exoplanet Legacy: Population Trends from Phase Curve Observations Watch the recorded talk here.
Jun. 23rd Stephen Kane (Uni. of California, Riverside) Planetary Habitability Anchor-Points or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Venus" Watch the recorded talk here.
Jun. 16th Caprice Phillips (Ohio State University) Detecting Potential Biosignatures in the Atmospheres of Gas Dwarfs Watch the recorded talk here.
Jun. 9th Nick Wogan (Uni. Washington) Rapid Timescales for an Oxic Transition During the Great Oxidation Event Watch the recorded talk here.
May 26th Ishan Mishra (Cornell) Providing New Constraints on the Surface Composition of Europa (and Beyond) Watch the recorded talk here.
May 25th Ian Crossfield (KSU) JWST Precursor Science: Rocky Exoplanets and Chemical Abundances Watch the recorded talk here.
May 12th Jon Zink (Caltech) Assessing Galactic Influences on Planet Formation with Exoplanet Demographics Watch the recorded talk here.
Apr. 28th Tom Evans (Max Planck) Prospects of biosignature detection with JWST: a TRAPPIST-1e case study Watch the recorded talk here.
Apr. 14th Scott Gaudi (Ohio State University) Exoplanet Exploration After the 2020 Decadal Survey Watch the recorded talk here.
Mar. 24th Leon Ofman (CUA/GSFC) Automated identification of transiting exoplanet candidates in TESS data using AI/ML methods Watch the recorded talk here.
2021 Seminars
See all of the recorded 2021 seminars here.
Jan. 27th (2022) Denis Sergeev (Uni. of Exeter) Dichotomy of the Atmospheric Circulation on TRAPPIST-1e Watch the recorded talk here.
Dec. 9th Jennifer Carter (SUNY) Analyzing Photometric Emissions of Exoplanets Watch the recorded talk here.
Dec. 16th Kielan Wilcomb Hoch (UC San Diego) Moderate Resolution Spectroscopy of Directly Imaged Exoplanets Watch the recorded talk here.
Dec. 2nd Quentin Changeat (Uni. College London) Atmospheric studies in the era of next generation telescopes Watch the recorded talk here.
Nov. 18th Kaitlin Rasmussen (University of Michigan) Constraining the Drake Equation: The Past, Present, and Future of the Search for Life Watch the recorded talk here.
Oct. 14th Noah Tuchow (Penn State) Potential Habitability as a Stellar Property: Assessing the Habitable Histories of Stellar Systems Watch the recorded talk here.
Sep. 30th Salva Turyshev (NASA JPL) Solar Gravity Lens Telescope Concept Presentation Watch the recorded talk here.
Sep. 16th Paolo Sossi (ETH - Zurich) Redox State of Earth's Magma Ocean and its Venus-like Early Atmosphere Watch the recorded talk here.
Sep. 2nd Shubham Kanodia (Penn State) From Pixels to Population: New Tools to Understand M Dwarf Exoplanets Watch the recorded talk here.
Aug. 19th Joshua Krissansen-Totten (UC - Santa Cruz) Using Coupled Atmosphere-interior-redox Models to Predict Terrestrial Planet Atmospheric Evolution and Anticipate Oxygen False Positives Watch the recorded talk here.
Aug. 5th Matt Clement (Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory) Challenges with Habitability Around M-Dwarfs and the Case for External Giant Planets Watch the recorded talk here.
Jul. 22nd Meredith MacGregor (U. of Colorado - Boulder) Discovery of an Extremely Short Duration Flare from Proxima Cen Using Millimeter through FUV Observations Watch the recorded talk here.
Jul. 8th Xinting Yu (UC Santa Cruz) How to identify surfaces on exoplanets: without seeing them Watch the recorded talk here.
Jun. 24th Tessa Fisher (ASU) What Atmospheric Chemical Reaction Network Topology Can Tell Us About Exoplanets Watch the recorded talk here.
Jun. 10th Martina Preiner (Heinrich Heine University) The Geochemical Pattern of Biochemistry Watch the recorded talk here.
May 27th Ingo Waldmann (Uni. College London) Deep Learning Exoplanets Watch the recorded talk here.
May 13th Peter Woitke (St. Andrews University) A Simple Classification of Exoplanet Atmospheres Based on Their H-C-N-O Abundances. Watch the recorded talk here.
Apr. 29th Michaela Walterova (DLR, Berlin) Thermal and Orbital Evolution of Terrestrial Exoplanets Watch the recorded talk here.
Apr. 15th Tobias Meier (University of Bern) Interior Dynamics of Tidally-Locked super-Earths Watch the recorded talk here.
Apr. 1st Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi (American Museum of Nat. History) System Architectures as Fossils of Brown Dwarf and Giant Planet Formation Watch the recorded talk here
(Missing very beginning).
Mar. 18th Benjamin Hayworth (Penn State) Space Weather and the Origin of Life Watch the recorded talk here.
Mar. 4th Travis Berger (University of Hawaii) Precise Demographics of Kepler Exoplanets in the Gaia Era Watch the recorded talk here.
Feb. 4th Peter Gao (UC-Santa Cruz) Deciphering Aerosols in Exoplanet Atmospheres Recorded talk is not available, but you can find the slides here.
Jan. 21st Arika Egan (U. of Colorado) The CUTE CubeSat Mission: Studying Exoplanet Atmospheres with Small Satellites Watch the recorded talk here.
Jan. 7th Daniel Thorngren (U. of Montreal) Delayed Cooling and Reinflation of Hot Jupiters Watch the recorded talk here.
2020 Seminars
Dec. 3rd Sarah Moran (JHU) Chemistry of Super-Earth and Mini-Neptune Hazes from Laboratory Experiments Watch the recorded talk here.
Nov. 19th Kara Brugman (ASU/Carnegie) Petrological experiments to determine compositions of rocky exoplanet partial melts Recorded talk not available.
Nov. 12th Kim Bott (UC-Riverside) The invisible giants: Signatures of hot Jupiters and smaller, cooler, worlds in polarized light Watch the recorded talk here.
Oct. 29th Gudmundur Stefansson (Princeton) New insights into M-dwarf planetary systems with precision radial velocity facilities Watch the recorded talk here.
Oct. 22nd Anjali Piette (Cambridge) Deciphering Thermal Emission Spectra of Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs Watch the recorded talk here.
Oct. 15th Stephanie Olson (Purdue) Exo-oceanography and the Detectability of Exoplanet Life Watch the recorded talk here.
2019 Seminars
Feb. 27th Amaya Moro-Martín (STScI) Interstellar objects and their potential role in planet formation Host: Prabal Saxena
Feb. 20th Joey Taylor (UMD) Tidal Heating Effects on Habitable Zone Widths due to Non-Synchronous Spin and Eccentric Orbits Host: Joe Renaud
Feb. 6th Matej Malik (UMD) How to quickly assess the presence of rocky planet atmosphere Host: Joe Renaud
Jan. 31st Peter Nagler (NASA Goddard) The EXoplanet Climate Infrared TElescope (EXCITE) Host: Michael McElwain
Jan. 27th Arpita Roy (Caltech) The Precision Radial Velocity Landscape Host: Prabal Saxena
Dec. 12th Melinda Soares-Furtado (Princeton University) Open Cluster Variability Searches: Evasive, Invaluable Probes Host: Prabal Saxena
Nov. 21st Petr Pokorny (CUA/NASA Goddard) Modeling our very own debris disk - how well do we know our own neighborhood and what can it tell us of its distant cousins? Host: Clément Ranc
Oct. 17th Hannah Jang-Condell (University of Wyoming) Exoplanet Science at the University of Wyoming Host: Marc Kuchner
Nov. 13th Peter Vickers (Durham University) Expecting the unexpected in the search for alien life Host: Prabal Saxena
Nov. 8th Steven Silverberg (MIT Kavli Institute) New Disk-Hosting Moving Group Members from Disk Detective Host: Clément Ranc
Oct. 3rd Sean Terry & Ryan Felton, (Catholic Uni. of America) Comparing HST Observations of Bulge Stars to Galactic Population Synthesis Models in Preparation for the WFIRST Microlensing Survey (Terry)
and Study of Barnard's Star B as an Analog for Titan-like Exoplanets (Felton)
Host: Joe Renaud
Sep. 26th Gabriella Contardo (Flatiron Institute) Deep Representation Learning, Binary Stars and Anomaly Analysis (Talk jointly held with the Machine Learning Seminar Series) Host: Clément Ranc & Giada N. Arney
Aug. 13th Yosuke Yamashiki (Kyoto University) Impact of Stellar Superflares on Planetary Habitability Host: Vladimir Airapetian
Aug. 2nd Margaret Turnbull (SETI Institute) Imaging Exoplanets with WFIRST Host: Ravi Kopparapu
Jul. 25th Hubert Klahr (MPIA Heidelberg) From Pebbles to Asteroids, KBOs and Planetary Embryos: Or what is the Jeans-Mass for Planetesimals? Host: Marc Kuchner
Jun. 27th James Jackman (U. of Warwick) Finding the biggest flares from the smallest stars with the Next Generation Transit Survey Host: Allison Youngblood
Jun. 25th Michele Silverstein (Georgia State Univ.) Sizing Up Red Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood Host: Joshua Schlieder
Jun. 7th Eric Wolf (CU Boulder/LASP) Exoplanet Modeling: Adventures in the Third Dimension Host: Prabal Saxena
Apr. 18th McCullen Sandora (University of Pennsylvania) Multiverse Predictions for Habitability Host: Clément Ranc
Apr. 16th Geoffrey Clayton (LSU) R Coronae Borealis Stars: Products of White-Dwarf Mergers Host: Gioia Rau
Apr. 11th Savannah Jacklin (Vanderbilt University) Using the UKIRT Microlensing Survey as a Pathfinder for WFIRST Host: Clément Ranc
Mar. 21st Sonny Harman (Columbia University) Atmospheric Chemistry in the 3rd Dimension Host: Prabal Saxena
Mar. 14th Erika Kohler (GSFC) Laboratory Exploration of Exoplanet Cloud Formation Host: Prabal Saxena
Feb. 28th Kevin Stevenson (STScI) Into the Wild Green Yonder: Exoplanet Characterization in the Era of JWST Host: Prabal Saxena
Feb. 21st Jasmeet Dhaliwal (Penn State University) Linking magmatic outgassing and atmospheric chemistry - Implications for Earth & Beyond! Host: Prabal Saxena
Feb. 19th Francesco Tombesi (Rome University) Can Supermassive Black Holes Influence the Habitable Zone in Galaxies? Host: Clément Ranc
Feb. 14th Alex Howe (University of Michigan) Atmosphere Retrieval of Planetary Mass Companions with the APOLLO Code Host: Michael McElwain
Feb. 5th Joshua Blackman (University of Tasmania) Exoplanet Characterization with Microlensing and Adaptive Optics Host: Clément Ranc
2018 Seminars
Dec. 11th Manuel Guedel (University of Vienna) Cosmic Pathways to Habitable Planets and Life Host: Vladimir Airapetian
Nov. 15th Jacob Haqq-Misra (Blue Marble Institute) Escaping the Great Filter: The Future of Civilization and the Search for Technosignatures Host: Ravi Kumar Kopparapu
Nov. 8th Joseph Rodriguez (Harvard-CfA) Planetary Archaeology: Connecting Observations of the Inner Regions of Planetary Systems with Formation Scenarios Host: Knicole Colón
Nov. 6th Jonathan Fortney (University of California, Santa Cruz) New windows on Giant Planet Structure and Composition Host: Prabal Saxena
Oct. 25th Rachael Roettenbacher (Yale) Imaging and Surveying Spotted Stars Host: Sarah Logsdon
Oct. 18th Miguel Montargès (KU Leuven) Mass loss of evolved stars: high angular resolution results Host: Prabal Saxena
Oct. 15th Martin Turbet (Sorbonne Uni. / Uni. of Chicago) Possible climates and habitability of planets orbiting very low mass stars with a Global Climate Model Host: Thomas Fauchez
Sep. 27th Evan Rich (University of Oklahoma) A Tale of Variability: HD 163296's travels though Spatial, Spectral and Time Domains Host: Steven Silverberg
Sep. 17th Daniel Angerhausen (University of Bern) Understanding Alien Worlds with (flying) Telescopes and Artificial Intelligence Host: Prabal Saxena
Sep. 13th Yutong Shan (Harvard) Unconventional uses of conventional space telescopes to crack open new parameter spaces in exoplanet science Host: Clément Ranc
Aug. 23rd Christian Delacroix (Princeton) Exoplanet imaging techniques for NASA/WFIRST and European ELT/METIS Host: Tyler Groff
Aug. 16th Steven Silverberg (GSFC) New Discoveries with Disk Detective: M Dwarfs, Peter Pan Disks, and More Host: Sarah Logsdon
Jul. 19th Joseph Renaud (George Mason University) Tidally Disturbing the Question of Exoplanet Habitability Host: Prabal Saxena
Jul. 10th Eliad Peretz and John Mather (GSFC) Remote Occulter for the 2020's (Joint Exoplanet/ASD Colloquium) Host: Clément Ranc
Jun. 7th Michael Quinton (Edinburgh Napier University) Sonification of Exosolar Planetary Systems Host: Ravi Kopparapu
May 24th Clémence Fontanive (University of Edinburgh) Brown dwarf binaries: from statistics to formation and evolution Host: Eric Lopez
May 17th Oza Apurva (University of Bern) Distinguishing Exogenic and Endogenic Volatiles in Extrasolar Giant Planet Exospheres Host: Prabal Saxena
May 3rd Sarah Dodson-Robinson (University of Delaware) Best Practices for Ground-based Protoplanetary Disk Mass Measurements Host: Clément Ranc
Apr. 5th Sarah Millholland (Yale) Data-Driven Dynamics of Planetary Systems Host: Elisa Quintana
Mar. 29th Carey Lisse (JHU-APL) Recent Results from the NIR Disk Spectroscopy (NIRDS) Survey Host: Marc Kuchner
Mar. 15th Dana Louie (UMD) Simulated JWST/NIRISS Transit Spectroscopy of Anticipated TESS Planets Compared to Select Discoveries from Space-Based and Ground-Based Surveys Host: Clément Ranc
Feb. 20th Patrick Whelley (GSFC) Volcanoes of the Solar System with a Look to Extrasolar Planets Host: Prabal Saxena
Feb. 13th Samuel Hadden (Harvard) Characterizing Kepler's Multi-planet Systems Host: Elisa Quintana
Feb. 6th Peter Plavchan (George Mason) The Promise of Precise Radial Velocity Surveys for Exoplanets Host: Prabal Saxena
Jan. 30th Alan Boss (Carnegie DTM) An Observationally Constrained Hybrid Theory of Planet Formation Host: Brian Hicks
Jan. 23rd Jaehan Bae (Carnegie DTM) Rings, gaps, and spiral arms in protoplanetary disks: footprints of forming planets Host: Prabal Saxena
Jan. 17th Peter Gao (UC Berkeley) Understanding Exoplanet Aerosols using Solar System Analogs Host: Prabal Saxena
Jan. 16th Jason Wang (UC Berkeley) Finding and Characterizing Planets with the Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey Host: Avi Mandell

Seminars from Previous Years

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