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Artist's Concept of a Planetary System NASA Goddard Extrasolar Planets Seminar

Tuesdays, 12:00 AM -- 1:00 PM
GSFC Building 34 (Room W120B most weeks)

Organizers: Brian Hicks, Prabal Saxena, Sarah Logsdon, Clément Ranc,
& Marc Kuchner

If you'd like to give a talk, or wish to be added to the seminar email list, please contact an organizer. If you'd like to schedule a time to meet with any of our speakers at GFSC, contact their host.

For more exoplanet-related talks at Goddard, see the LUVOIR Seminar Series.
Upcoming Seminars
January 16th Jason Wang (UC Berkeley) Finding and Characterizing Planets with the Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey Host: Avi Mandell
January 17th Peter Gao (UC Berkeley) Understanding Exoplanet Aerosols using Solar System Analogs Host: Prabal Saxena
January 23rd Jaehan Bae (Carnegie DTM) Rings, gaps, and spiral arms in protoplanetary disks: footprints of forming planets Host: Prabal Saxena
January 30th Alan Boss (Carnegie DTM) An Observationally Constrained Hybrid Theory of Planet Formation Host: Brian Hicks
February 6th Peter Plavchan (George Mason) The Promise of Precise Radial Velocity Surveys for Exoplanets Host: Prabal Saxena
February 13th Samuel Hadden (Harvard) Characterizing Kepler's Multi-planet Systems Host: Elisa Quintana
February 20th Patrick Whelley (GSFC) Volcanoes of the Solar System with a Look to Extrasolar Planets Host: Prabal Saxena
April 5th Sarah Millholland (Yale) Data-Driven Dynamics of Planetary Systems Host: Elisa Quintana
May 15th Rebekah Dawson (Penn State) Formation and Dynamics of Planets Host: Marc Kuchner
2017 Seminars
December 19th Clément Ranc (GSFC) Microlensing at the space era: mass and distance measurement of stars and planets in the Milky Way Host: Sarah Logsdon
December 12th Sarah Logsdon (GSFC) Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets: Discovery, Characterization, and High-Precision Instrumentation Host: Marc Kuchner
November 28th Aparna Bhattacharya (GSFC) Measuring Mass of Wide Orbit Low Mass Exoplanets Host: Clément Ranc
November 14th Dmitry Savransky (Cornell) Optimization of Mission Scheduling for Exoplanet Direct Imagers Host: Brian Hicks
November 7th Sarah Ballard (MIT) "There Must Be a Better Way": Leveraging the Thousands of Known Systems to Inform Exoplanet Follow-up Host: Elisa Quintana
October 24th David Bennett (GSFC) Gravitational Microlensing Finds All the Cool Planets Host: Clément Ranc
October 17th Anthony Harness (Princeton) Progress in Sub-scale Testing and Optical Model Validation of Starshades Host: Brian Hicks
October 5th James Cho (Queen Mary University London) Storms and Jets on Giant Planets Host: Vlad Airapetian
October 3rd Allison Youngblood (GSFC) The High-Energy Radiation and Particle Environment Around M Dwarfs with Exoplanets Host: Brian Hicks
August 30th Beth Biller (U Edinburgh Royal Observatory) Detecting and Characterizing Exoplanets with Direct Imaging Host: Josh Schlieder
July 11th Jackie Villadsen (NRAO) Radio Observations of M-dwarf Space Weather Host: Prabal Saxena
June 20th Marc Kuchner (GSFC) Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 Host: Brian Hicks
May 23rd Sharon Xuesong Wang (Carnagie DTM) Finding Terrestrial Planets with Precise Radial Velocities Host: Prabal Saxena
May 18th Natasha Batahla (Penn State / GSFC) A Synergistic Approach to Interpreting Planetary Atmospheres Host: Hannah Wakeford
May 16th Noe Kains (STScI) Constraining the Masses of Compact Objects with Astrometric Microlensing: from Black Holes to Exoplanets Host: Clément Ranc
May 2nd Eric Lopez (GSFC) Understanding Planet Formation by Studying the Evolution of Hot Neptunes and Super-Earths Host: Brian Hicks
April 25th Elisa Quintana (GSFC) Solving the Puzzles of Planet Formation in the Modern Era of Planet-hunting Host: Prabal Saxena
April 20th Jessie Christiansen (NExScI) Elusive Earths: Taking the Galactic Exoplanet Census Host: Elisa Quintana
April 11th Andrew Eberhardt (U Washington / GSFC) Direct Imaging Access to Habitable Zone Orbits Host: Brian Hicks
March 28th Neil Zimmerman (GSFC) Imaging Exoplanets with Future Space Telescopes Host: Brian Hicks
March 21st Peter Driscoll (Carnegie DTM) Exodynamos: Theory and Detection Host: Prabal Saxena
March 7th Josh Schlieder (GSFC) Small Stars and Small Planets from the First Two Years of K2 Host: Hannah Wakeford
February 21st Chaintanya Giri (Tokyo Tech) Carbon: Where is it all hidden? Host: Prabal Saxena
February 14th Brian Hicks (UMCP / GSFC) Laboratory Efforts and Analysis Towards Direct Imaging with Segmented Space Telescopes Host: Marc Kuchner
February 7th Katherine Garcia-Sage (Catholic U / GSFC) Magnetic Protection of the Atmosphere of Proxima b Host: Brian Hicks
January 31st Paul Dalba (Boston University) Prospects for Atmospheric Characterization of Kepler's Cold, Long-Period Exoplanets Host: Hannah Wakeford
January 23rd Susan Thompson (NASA ARC) Creating the Final Kepler Catalog Host: Elisa Quintana
January 17th Vladimir Airapetian (NASA GSFC) Detecting Beacons of Life from G-K-M Dwarfs Host: Prabal Saxena
January 10 Johan Mazoyer (STScI) High Contrast Imaging: From Active Correction to Observation of Circumstellar Disks Host: Brian Hicks
2016 Seminars
November 29 Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM) Circumstellar Disks: Ages, Compositions and Structures Host: Prabal Saxena
November 8 Sally Blumenthal (NASA GSFC) The Role of Disequilibrium Chemistry in Giant Gas Exoplanets and Implications for Observing with JWST Host: Hannah Wakeford
November 1 Meredith MacGregor (Harvard) Millimeter Studies of Nearby Debris Disks Host: Hannah Wakeford
October 24 Tyler Groff The CHARIS IFS at Subaru Host: Brian Hicks
October 18 Daniel Angerhausen Goodbye Goddard Talk Host: Daniel Angerhausen
October 11 Valeri Makarov (USNO) Rotational states of habitable exoplanets Host: Prabal Saxena
October 4 Sukrit Ranjan (Harvard) Boundary Conditions for Abiogenesis: Constraints on the UV Environment Relevant to Prebiotic Chemistry on Primitive Planetary Bodies Host: Daniel Angerhausen
Spetember 27 Dennis Conti (American Association of Variable Star Observers) The Role of Amateur Astronomers in Exoplanet Research Host: Hannah Wakeford
August 16 Catalina Urrejola (Pontifical Catholic University, Chile) Life at the dry edge: lessons from the Atacama desert Host: Daniel Angerhausen
July 19 Tom Wilson (Exeter) 3D Extinction Mapping of Molecular Clouds and Probabilistic Catalogue Matching Host: Hannah Wakeford
June 21: David Amundsen (NASA-GISS) Simulations of HD 209458b using the UK Met Office Global Circulation Model, the Unified Model Host: Hannah Wakeford
May 17: Jacob Haqq-Misra (Blue Marble Space Institute) Limit cycles, moist greenhouses, and planetary oblateness at the boundaries of the habitable zone Host: Daniel Angerhausen
May 10: Julien de Wit (MIT) Atmospheric Characterization of Planets Beyond the Solar System Host: Daniel Angerhausen
May 3: Johanna Teske (Carnegie DTM) Exoplanet Genetics: What Host Star Chemical Abundances Reveal about Exoplanets Host: Hannah Wakeford
March 22: Steven Silverberg (GSFC, Oklahoma) A Comprehensive Analysis of the Activity of GJ 1243 Host: Marc Kuchner
March 15: Natasha Batalha (GSFC, PSU) A Community Tool for Transiting Exoplanet Science with JWST Host: Daniel Angerhausen
March 8: Jonathan Gagne (Carnegie DTM) BASS-Ultracool: Finding Isolated planetary-mass Objects in the Neighborhood Host: Marc Kuchner
March 1: Holly Sheets (UMD) Statistical Characterization of Reflection and Refraction in the Atmosphere of sub-Saturn Kepler Planet Candidates Host: Daniel Angerhausen
February 9: Mamadou N'Diaye (STScI) New Coronagraph Designs for Future Large Space ObservatatoriesHost: Daniel Angerhausen
February 16: Joe Filippazzo (CUNY) Fundamental Parameters of Substellar Objects Host: Marc Kuchner
February 2: Veselin Kostov (NASA GSFC) Planets with two suns Host: Daniel Angerhausen
January 19: Michael Way (NASA-GISS) Was Venus the first habitable planet of our solar system? Host: Daniel Angerhausen

Seminars from Previous Years

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