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Artist's Concept of a Planetary System NASA Goddard Extrasolar Planets Seminar

Thursdays, 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM
GSFC Building 34 (Room W120B most weeks)

Organizers: Prabal Saxena, Clément Ranc, Erika Kohler, Joe Renaud, & Marc Kuchner

If you'd like to give a talk, or wish to be added to the seminar email list, please contact an organizer. If you'd like to schedule a time to meet with any of our speakers at GFSC, contact their host.

For more exoplanet-related talks at Goddard, see the LUVOIR Seminar Series. The seminar series is co-hosted by the GSFC Sellers Exoplanet Environments Collaboration.
Upcoming Seminars
January 31st Peter Nagler (NASA Goddard) The EXoplanet Climate Infrared TElescope (EXCITE) Host: Michael McElwain
2019 Seminars
December 12th Melinda Soares-Furtado (Princeton University) Open Cluster Variability Searches: Evasive, Invaluable Probes Host: Prabal Saxena
November 21st Petr Pokorny (CUA/NASA Goddard) Modeling our very own debris disk - how well do we know our own neighborhood and what can it tell us of its distant cousins? Host: Clément Ranc
October 17th Hannah Jang-Condell (University of Wyoming) Exoplanet Science at the University of Wyoming Host: Marc Kuchner
November 13th Peter Vickers (Durham University) Expecting the unexpected in the search for alien life Host: Prabal Saxena
November 8th Steven Silverberg (MIT Kavli Institute) New Disk-Hosting Moving Group Members from Disk Detective Host: Clément Ranc
October 3rd Sean Terry (part 1) & Ryan Felton (part 2), Catholic University of America Comparing HST Observations of Bulge Stars to Galactic Population Synthesis Models in Preparation for the WFIRST Microlensing Survey (part 1) & Study of Barnard's Star B as an Analog for Titan-like Exoplanets (part 2) Host: Joe Renaud
September 26th Gabriella Contardo (Flatiron Institute) Deep Representation Learning, Binary Stars and Anomaly Analysis (Talk jointly held with the Machine Learning Seminar Series) Host: Clément Ranc & Giada N. Arney
August 13th Yosuke Yamashiki (Kyoto University) Impact of Stellar Superflares on Planetary Habitability Host: Vladimir Airapetian
August 2nd Margaret Turnbull (SETI Institute) Imaging Exoplanets with WFIRST Host: Ravi Kopparapu
July 25th Hubert Klahr (MPIA Heidelberg) From Pebbles to Asteroids, KBOs and Planetary Embryos: Or what is the Jeans-Mass for Planetesimals? Host: Marc Kuchner
June 27th James Jackman (U. of Warwick) Finding the biggest flares from the smallest stars with the Next Generation Transit Survey Host: Allison Youngblood
June 25th Michele Silverstein (Georgia State Univ.) Sizing Up Red Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood Host: Joshua Schlieder
June 7th Eric Wolf (CU Boulder/LASP) Exoplanet Modeling: Adventures in the Third Dimension Host: Prabal Saxena
April 18th McCullen Sandora (University of Pennsylvania) Multiverse Predictions for Habitability Host: Clément Ranc
April 16th Geoffrey Clayton (LSU) R Coronae Borealis Stars: Products of White-Dwarf Mergers Host: Gioia Rau
April 11th Savannah Jacklin (Vanderbilt University) Using the UKIRT Microlensing Survey as a Pathfinder for WFIRST Host: Clément Ranc
March 21st Sonny Harman (Columbia University) Atmospheric Chemistry in the 3rd Dimension Host: Prabal Saxena
March 14th Erika Kohler (GSFC) Laboratory Exploration of Exoplanet Cloud Formation Host: Prabal Saxena
February 28th Kevin Stevenson (STScI) Into the Wild Green Yonder: Exoplanet Characterization in the Era of JWST Host: Prabal Saxena
February 21st Jasmeet Dhaliwal (Penn State University) Linking magmatic outgassing and atmospheric chemistry - Implications for Earth & Beyond! Host: Prabal Saxena
February 19th Francesco Tombesi (Rome University) Can Supermassive Black Holes Influence the Habitable Zone in Galaxies? Host: Clément Ranc
February 14th Alex Howe (University of Michigan) Atmosphere Retrieval of Planetary Mass Companions with the APOLLO Code Host: Michael McElwain
February 5th Joshua Blackman (University of Tasmania) Exoplanet Characterization with Microlensing and Adaptive Optics Host: Clément Ranc
2018 Seminars
December 11th Manuel Guedel (University of Vienna) Cosmic Pathways to Habitable Planets and Life Host: Vladimir Airapetian
November 15th Jacob Haqq-Misra (Blue Marble Institute) Escaping the Great Filter: The Future of Civilization and the Search for Technosignatures Host: Ravi Kumar Kopparapu
November 8th Joseph Rodriguez (Harvard-CfA) Planetary Archaeology: Connecting Observations of the Inner Regions of Planetary Systems with Formation Scenarios Host: Knicole Colón
November 6th Jonathan Fortney (University of California, Santa Cruz) New windows on Giant Planet Structure and Composition Host: Prabal Saxena
October 25th Rachael Roettenbacher (Yale) Imaging and Surveying Spotted Stars Host: Sarah Logsdon
October 18th Miguel Montargès (KU Leuven) Mass loss of evolved stars: high angular resolution results Host: Prabal Saxena
October 15th Martin Turbet (Sorbonne University / University of Chicago) Possible climates and habitability of planets orbiting very low mass stars with a Global Climate Model Host: Thomas Fauchez
September 27th Evan Rich (University of Oklahoma) A Tale of Variability: HD 163296's travels though Spatial, Spectral and Time Domains Host: Steven Silverberg
September 17th Daniel Angerhausen (Center for Space and Habitability - University of Bern, Switzerland) Understanding Alien Worlds with (flying) Telescopes and Artificial Intelligence Host: Prabal Saxena
September 13th Yutong Shan (Harvard) Unconventional uses of conventional space telescopes to crack open new parameter spaces in exoplanet science Host: Clément Ranc
August 23rd Christian Delacroix (Princeton) Exoplanet imaging techniques for NASA/WFIRST and European ELT/METIS Host: Tyler Groff
August 16th Steven Silverberg (GSFC) New Discoveries with Disk Detective: M Dwarfs, Peter Pan Disks, and More Host: Sarah Logsdon
July 19th Joseph Renaud (George Mason University) Tidally Disturbing the Question of Exoplanet Habitability Host: Prabal Saxena
July 10th Eliad Peretz and John Mather (GSFC) Remote Occulter for the 2020's (Joint Exoplanet/ASD Colloquium) Host: Clément Ranc
June 7th Michael Quinton (Edinburgh Napier University) Sonification of Exosolar Planetary Systems Host: Ravi Kopparapu
May 24th Clémence Fontanive (University of Edinburgh) Brown dwarf binaries: from statistics to formation and evolution Host: Eric Lopez
May 17th Oza Apurva (University of Bern) Distinguishing Exogenic and Endogenic Volatiles in Extrasolar Giant Planet Exospheres Host: Prabal Saxena
May 3rd Sarah Dodson-Robinson (University of Delaware) Best Practices for Ground-based Protoplanetary Disk Mass Measurements Host: Clément Ranc
April 5th Sarah Millholland (Yale) Data-Driven Dynamics of Planetary Systems Host: Elisa Quintana
March 29th Carey Lisse (JHU-APL) Recent Results from the NIR Disk Spectroscopy (NIRDS) Survey Host: Marc Kuchner
March 15th Dana Louie (UMD) Simulated JWST/NIRISS Transit Spectroscopy of Anticipated TESS Planets Compared to Select Discoveries from Space-Based and Ground-Based Surveys Host: Clément Ranc
February 20th Patrick Whelley (GSFC) Volcanoes of the Solar System with a Look to Extrasolar Planets Host: Prabal Saxena
February 13th Samuel Hadden (Harvard) Characterizing Kepler's Multi-planet Systems Host: Elisa Quintana
February 6th Peter Plavchan (George Mason) The Promise of Precise Radial Velocity Surveys for Exoplanets Host: Prabal Saxena
January 30th Alan Boss (Carnegie DTM) An Observationally Constrained Hybrid Theory of Planet Formation Host: Brian Hicks
January 23rd Jaehan Bae (Carnegie DTM) Rings, gaps, and spiral arms in protoplanetary disks: footprints of forming planets Host: Prabal Saxena
January 17th Peter Gao (UC Berkeley) Understanding Exoplanet Aerosols using Solar System Analogs Host: Prabal Saxena
January 16th Jason Wang (UC Berkeley) Finding and Characterizing Planets with the Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey Host: Avi Mandell

Seminars from Previous Years

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