Stellar and Extragalactic Astronomy Lunch (SEAL)
Schedule: 2015-2016

Chair: Dr. Deborah L. Padgett, Astronomer,
Observational Cosmology Laboratory, NASA

Location: Talks are Thursdays at 12:00 Noon, in room E215 of Building 34 unless otherwise specified.

Summer 2016

Date Institution Speaker Title
June 16USNO Ana RoviraUsing Galaxies as Natural Telescopes: Disentangling Quasars' X-ray Emission Regions with Microlensing.
June 30MPIRuben Lopez CotoLatest Results and Future of Wide Field of View Gamma-ray Astronomy
July 7NASA HQErin SmithSOFIA
July 28JHUJulian MunozHas LIGO Detected Dark Matter?
*Cancelled*St. Michael'sJohn O'MearaIGM
Aug 18ARCKimberly EnnicoPluto Revealed: First Results from the Historic First Fly-By of the Pluto System
Aug 25GSFCNick Gorkavyi A Repulsive Force in the Einstein Theory

To volunteer to give a talk, for additions to the email announcement list, or if you have any questions, please contact: Deborah Padgett, Please note: if you suggest a speaker for this series, you are expected to provide the speaker with proper badging to come on center, escorting if needed, and transportation if they do not have it. Also please note that if the intended speaker is a foreign national you will need additional time to process the necessary badging paperwork to allow access to GSFC. Every fourth Friday is a joint SEAL/GUNN Seminar. If you would like to speak on these dates, please coordinate with Maxim Markevitch. Lastly, all dates after the last listed date above may be assumed to be open and available. Thank you.

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