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MeV Gamma-ray Astronomy in the 2020s and Beyond

Science and Detection Prospects of Extra-Galactic MeV Gamma-Ray Source

Marco Ajello

Clemson University

The MeV energy range is one of the best bands to study the emission of active galactic nuclei (AGN). MeV-type blazars, which are brightest in the MeV band, are the most luminous persistent sources in the Universe, and their detection constrains the formation of super-massive black holes at high redshift. Moreover, the study of blazars at MeV energies constrains the emission region’s location and potentially the emission mechanism via polarimetry. Finally, all hidden hadronic AGN, sources of high-energy neutrinos, will be brightest in the MeV range because of their reprocessed, cascade, emission. In this talk, I will review the exciting extra-galactic MeV science.