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Reminder: Show Us Your Space Costumes!

  • By Maggie Masetti
  • November 12, 2013
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Just a reminder now that we’re past Halloween… if you dressed up in a space or astronomy-themed costume, please share your photos with us!

To get you inspired, here is how Dirk Schoellner’s kids, Brian and Eric, looked on Halloween, all dressed up for Trick-or-treating, as Dr. Von Braun and the James Webb Space Telescope. (Although Brian had to keep telling people he was not a satellite dish.) See a tutorial on the JWST costume here.

JWST and Dr. Von Braun trick or treating
Credit: Dirk Schoellner

We’ve set up a Flickr group that you can add your costumes to: add your photos here!

We’d love to feature some of them in an upcoming blog post. We will only be able to feature costumes from those 18 and older on our website, but it is fine to add your photos of your kids to the Flickr group.

Here are a few guidelines:

Add your photo of your space/NASA/astronomy-themed costume to our Flickr group! It can be one you’ve worn in the past (for Halloween or some other event) – it doesn’t have to be new this year.

Tell us what the costume is of in the title or description. Please give us credit information in the description in case we’d like to repost your image (see more on that below).

We do have a few specific rules we’d like you to follow:

1) Don’t use copyrighted material, or anything that doesn’t belong to you.

2) Don’t use any offensive imagery.

3) We reserve the right to remove images that violate these two rules from our group.

4) If you are 18 or over, and are willing to let us to use your image on our website: You retain copyright to your own design. Your upload to this group indicates permission to repost your work on NASA sites and associated external social media. Please set the license on your photo to “Creative Commons.” We will, of course, credit you.

4a) If you are 18 or over, and do not want us to use your image on our blog: You may still upload it to Flickr. Please note that you do not want us to repost the image in your description, however. You may then set the license to whatever you like.

4b) If your photo shows a child or teen 18 years of age or under, please note this in the description. We may not be able to use your photos on our blog, but you are welcome to add your photos to the Flickr group.

Costume Contest participants
Credits: Jean Pounder, John Nalezny, Yuruany Arrieta, Susan Benson, Dalaine Nolan, Tara Lofgren


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