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Ask John Mather Anything!

Nobel Laureate and James Webb Space Telescope Project Scientist John Mather has answered questions on Twitter – and now he’s coming to Reddit on Monday, November 26, 2012 at 1pm EST. Reddit, a popular community where users vote on content they find interesting, has a sub-forum for interviews with volunteers who answer questions about their specific experiences. This “I Am A ______, Ask Me Anything,” template attracts people from all walks of life, including high profile ones, like the President of the United States… and the Mars Curiosity team.

Dr. Mather will make an exciting subject for an “Ask Me Anything” due to his work with the cutting-edge Webb telescope, which will provide images of the first galaxies ever formed, and explore planets around distant stars.

He was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2006 for measuring the cosmic microwave background radiation, showing it came from the early universe, and discovering that it has hot and cold spots that are responsible for the existence of galaxies, stars, planets, and therefore people.

We wanted to let our Blueshift readers know that those interested in asking Dr. Mather questions about his experiences will be able to do so starting at approximately 12:30pm on the 26th. He will answer questions for about an hour, beginning at 1pm on the Reddit “IAmA” forum:

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John Mather
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