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Podcast: Keeping Skepticism Alive, Part 1 of our Interview with “The Bad Astronomer,” Dr. Phil Plait

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At its heart, science is about asking questions – looking at the universe around us and asking, “How? Why?” Science takes our natural curiosity and adds structure and rigor, examining things methodically to answer our questions and ask the next ones. It’s not just a field of study, it’s a valuable way to think about the world around you.

There are a few widely-known names in science and astronomy when one thinks of critical thinking and skepticism – the process of applying reason and the scientific method to determine the validity of a claim. One of those is Dr. Phil Plait, who used to work right here at NASA Goddard. For years, his blogs have featured reviews of the science in movies, or debunked science myths like whether an egg could stand on its end at the equinox. He has become a visible advocate for science, science education, and critical thinking in everyday life.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Phil earlier this year, and we’ve broken our interview with him into four parts. In this first part of the interview, we talk to Phil about his background, how he came to be “The Bad Astronomer,” why he blogs about misconceptions, and how to keep good skepticism alive.

Phil Plait
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More about the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait:

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