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Want to get a postcard from Blueshift?

Guess what! We’ve turned 5!

NASA Blueshift released its first podcast in 2007 (we’d like to think that our podcasts have vastly improved since those early episodes), and we’ve steadily expanded to blogging, tweeting, and keeping up with social media to find the best ways to bring the Universe closer to you. On an astronomical scale, five years isn’t a big deal… but it is to us!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we wanted to do something special for our followers. We got the idea when we saw these fantastic vintage NASA Goddard postcards in the gift shop – we tweeted a pic and tons of people replied, asking us to send them one.

Vintage NASA Goddard postcard

Well, here’s your chance to get one! Send us a postcard, and we’ll send you back one of these vintage NASA Goddard postcards with a note from someone who works here in Goddard’s Astrophysics Science Division (or on a related project)! Your postcard will be chosen randomly, but we’ve been making the rounds, getting all sorts of people to fill them out. (We can tell you that we have a few signed by 2006 Nobel Laureate John Mather!)

Here’s how to get a postcard from us:

1) Send a postcard to:

NASA Blueshift
NASA GSFC, Code 660.1
Greenbelt, MD 20771

2) Be sure to include your address in your note to us, so we can send you one of our awesome postcards! PRINT YOUR ADDRESS NEATLY, or we may accidentally send your postcard to Mars. Also, please avoid anything obscene – not only will it make us blush, but it’ll also keep us from hanging your card up here at NASA.

3) If we can decipher your return address (see step 2), we’ll send you a postcard! Please allow a couple of weeks for turnaround – we’ll be getting these signed and mailed as quickly as we can, but the Blueshift elves are perpetually busy. We have a limited number of these postcards, and will send out as many as we can. We’ll make an announcement (on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook) when we’re running low.

4) ???

5) Profit!

We’re planning to cover a wall here at Goddard as we receive your postcards. By sending us a postcard, you’re granting us permission to photograph and reproduce the content of your postcard (but we’ll blur out all addresses and personal information).

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  • Soozcat says:

    Just got my postcard today. Thanks so much to Blueshift and also to Katja Pottschmidt for writing her greetings on the back!

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