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Podcast: When Science Inspires Comedy

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One of the bonuses of our set visit to The Big Bang Theory was that we got the chance to talk to co-creator and executive producer Bill Prady about how the show came to be, and how they get the science right in every episode. Since much of what we do is about communicating science to the public, we were naturally interested in how real science was worked into what is primarily a comedy.

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To supplement our podcast interview with Bill, Blueshift’s Maggie Masetti wrote a web feature for

More About The Big Bang Theory

If you’re just tuning in, in the course of writing a feature about the WMAP beach ball, we were invited to visit the set of the Big Bang Theory to take a picture of the one they had on set.



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  • Patt Foad says:

    I’m always really impressed how much attention to detail they put in to in each episode to make sure its all correct and accurate.

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