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Tricks and Treats!

A year ago, we were moving out of our old offices in Building 2 here at NASA Goddard and decided to look into the rich history of that building. Things didn’t go quite as we expected:

Okay, okay… before anyone gets truly alarmed, we made it out alive. Or did we? How do you know it wasn’t our zombies recording all of this year’s podcasts and writing these blogs. YOU DON’T. Also: BRRRRAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIINS.

We found a couple of other great Halloween-themed astronomy videos and wanted to share them. First up – a trilogy of terror from the folks at the Spitzer Science Center:

A huge star forming in the belly of a cosmic “snake,” waiting to blow it apart? Pretty spooky, and also pretty awesome.

We’ve featured this video before, but it’s a favorite – our colleague Kevin Boyce takes you through Goddard’s “Spacecraft Chamber of Horrors.” Any equipment going into space must pass through a series of torturous tests to make sure that it can stand the rigors of a rocket launch and the harsh extremes of space itself. Maggie also put together a photo tour of some of these facilities.

Finally, I think this idea is absolutely genius, even if some of the trick-or-treating children may not appreciate it:

No, it’s not just air in a bag! It’s dark matter! Don’t egg my house!

Happy Halloween from Blueshift!


NASA Logo, National Aeronautics and Space Administration