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TIGER in Antarctica, November 20, 2003

Scott's Hut

Old Crates I had already been in Scott's Hut two years ago (see "Thanksgiving and Scott's Hut"), but it still amazes me how well preserved it is. Outside the hut, there are a few stockpiles of provisions that have been here since Scott. There are also dog carcasses, and an anchor.

Provision Crates from Scott's Expedition

 Inside Scott's Hut I tried to take pictures that were different from last trip. Here are two of the officers bunks. One of them was used by Evans, Scott's first officer and one of the real heroes of Antarctic exploration.

Inside Scott's Hut

Inside Scott's Hut Scott's Hut has an L-shaped Antechamber that isn't as insulated as the inner room. The ponies had their stables on one leg of the "L", and the other leg (which you enter the main hut through) was used for tool and other storage. This is a picture showing some of the tools that were left here.
Scott's Hut Antechamber

Scott's Hut Larder One corner of the Hut was used as a kitchen area. The stove with its chimney is right of center. You can see the big crate of cocoa. There are also cans of vegetables, corned beef, spices, etc.

The Kitchen Inside Scott's Hut

Penguin Eggs One of the purposes of the Scott expedition was to collect biological samples. Here is a crate of Emperor Penguin Eggs that they collected, but that never got shipped out.

The Scott's hut trip was on the 19th. Today was another day getting TIGER ready. I'm glad that TIGER is in good shape, because I'm running awfully tired today. In the evening, Bob Binns and Paul Dowkonnt show up from Christchurch. I guess one boomerang flight was enough.

Collected Penguin Eggs


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