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MGEANT --- A Generic Multi-Purpose Monte-Carlo Package for Gamma-Ray Experiments

MGEANT is a CERNLIB/GEANT based generic multi-purpose Monte-Carlo simulation package appropriate for gamma-ray astronomy which allows the rapid prototyping of a wide variety of detector systems. Instrument specific geometry and materials data can simply be supplied via input files, and are independent of the main code. Also, the user can select from a standard set of event generators and beam options (implemented as plug-ins) which would be needed in an astrophysical or instrument calibration context. The philosophy of this approach is to facilitate the implementation of new software add-ons and changes in the instrumental setup. This is especially useful for projects which involve a large group of developers and collaborators. MGEANT has been successfully used to perform background calculations and to generate the instrument responses for the WIND/ TGRS and INTEGRAL/ SPI. It is currently being used in the Advanced Compton Telescope (ACT) mission concept study.

MGEANT Key Features

* Interactive or Batch Version
* Spectrum Options
Broken power-law
Power-law with exponential cut-off
Gamma-ray Burst
Cosmic ray spectrum at solar minimum
Cosmic ray spectrum at solar maximum
User defined spectrum
* Beam Options
Plane wave
Isotropic beam
Point source/Calibration source at finite distance
Astrophysical point source
Diffuse emission map
Homogeneous and isotropic emissivity within a defined volume
Illumination of a portion of the detector array with a plane wave (Resp. Generation Only)
A grid of pencil beams illuminating the detector array (Resp. Generation Only)
* Hadronic Interaction Interfaces
* Improved Compton Interaction Physics
Includes options to use the GLEPS or GLECS Compton and Rayleigh scattering packages for improved treatment of these processes including treatment of polarization.
* Input Geometry Options
Euclid Format
Native MGEANT Format
* Multiple FITS Output Options
Includes options for monolithic SPI-type detectors or tracking Compton telescope detectors (see FITS format description available below).

MGEANT Distribution (last update: 03/30/05)

This dsitribution includes Imakefile, source code, header files, and sample input / output files) can be downloaded as a gzip'ed tar archive. Note that certain components (the FITS output option and DMAP beam option) of MGEANT make use of the CFITSIO interface.


* MGEANT V3.1 Users Guide (old, a new manual is in preparation). Available in PDF and PS format.
* MGEANT FITS format description. Available in PDF or PS format.


* Georg Weidenpointner's MGGPOD page.
* The INTEGRAL Mass Model Project at Southampton

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