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Date and Duration Launch Site Targets Observed Highlights
1 May 88 Alice Springs, Australia SN1987A Detection of 847, 1238 SN lines from 56Co. First resolution of SN lines. Detection of narrow GC 511 line at flux level comparable to the late 70's.
24 hours galactic center
Crab Nebula
28 Oct. 1988 Alice Springs, Australia SN1987A Confirmation of SN line widths and detection of 2599 line. First resolution of GC 511 line. Limit on GP 511 line. 26Al detection from GC and GP.
44 hours galactic center
galactic plane (l=335)
Crab Nebula
31 May 90 Fort Sumner, NM Crab Nebula High res. spectrum of Crab. Upper limits on 70 and 545 lines.
21 hours Sco X-1
NGC 4151
26 Apr. 92 Alice Springs, Australia galactic center Detection of GC 511 line and confirmation of line width. First flight of enriched Ge detector. BATSE x-ray nova 4U1543-47.
14 hours 4U1543-47
7 May 92 Alice Springs, Australia galactic center Detection of GC 511 line. Confirmation of line width. Upper limit on 511 line from the AGN NGC 1068, high res. spectrum of Vela X-1.
24 hours NGC 1068
Vela X-1
Crab Nebula
25 Sept. 93 Fort Sumner, NM Cyg X-1 High res. spectrum of Cyg X-1 and Crab. Upper limits on 70, 511 and 545 lines. NGC 4151 extreme low state confirmed.
24 hours NGC 4151
Crab Nebula
4 Oct. 95 Alice Springs, Australia growth curves Leaker balloon with lots of atmospheric growth curve data. Wide-Field Collimator configuration (WFCC) with active blocking crystal.
24 hours
24 Oct. 95 Alice Springs, Australia galactic center Drift scans of the galactic center and plane detect 511 and 1809 lines. First high resolution gamma-ray cosmic diffuse background spectrum (blocking crystal mode).
36 hours galactic pole (S)
galactic plane (l=240)
14 Nov. 95 Alice Springs, Australia CZT background Unique measurements of fully shielded (internal) CZT background.
12 hours

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