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GI6 - 001 Boselli, Alessandro University of Birmingham Guvics: A GALEX Ultraviolet Virgo Cluster Survey Galaxy Clusters 45
GI6 - 004 Szkody, Paula U Washington Accreting Pulsators Gw Lib and V455 and After Superoutburst Old Stars 27
GI6 - 005 Salim, Samir Indiana University Star Forming Galaxies At Z = 0.8 - Bursty Or Continuous Star Formation? Deep Fields/Cosmology 124.5
GI6 - 009 Richards, Gordon Drexel University Sed''S of Type 1 Sdss Quasars Deep Fields/Cosmology 0
GI6 - 012 Cortese, Luca Cardiff University Completing the GALEX Coverage of the Herschel Reference Survey Normal Galaxies 12
GI6 - 013 Haynes, Martha Cornell University Massive Gas-Rich But Underluminous Disks Identified By the Alfalfa Survey Normal Galaxies 0
GI6 - 015 Bianchi, Luciana Johns Hopkins University UV Emission Line Atlas of Planetary Nebulae Interstellar Medium 121.5
GI6 - 017 Marino, Antonina Johns Hopkins University Transition From Active To Passive Galaxy Groups Galaxy Groups 120
GI6 - 023 Fadda, Dario CAL TECH Specific Star Formation In Abell 85 and Filament Galaxy Clusters 45
GI6 - 025 Nichols, Joy Harvard CFA - SAO The Rapidly Evolving Stellar Jets of R Aqr Interstellar Medium 49.5
GI6 - 026 Skillman, Evan U Minnesota The True Nature of Bursting Star Formation Normal Galaxies 73.5
GI6 - 033 Thilker, David Johns Hopkins University Delayed Formation of Giant Lsb Disks Around E / S0 S Normal Galaxies 18
GI6 - 034 Thilker, David Johns Hopkins University Uv- and IR-Bright Substructures In Diverse Star-Forming Galaxies Normal Galaxies 0
GI6 - 035 Gal-Yam, Avishay University of Birmingham UV Spectroscopy of Nearby Supernovae Young Stars 0
GI6 - 039 West, Andrew Boston University Ultraviolet Magnetic Activity of Low-Mass Stars Mid-Life Stars 18
GI6 - 040 Shkolnik, Evgenya U Hawaii Magnetic Star-Planet Interactions in the Hot Jupiter System HD 179949 Old Stars 0
GI6 - 041 Stark, David U North Carolina - Chapel Hill A Search For Star Formation in the Smith Cloud Stellar Populations 36
GI6 - 042 Madore, Barry Carnegie Observatories Newly Discovered Modes of Recent Star Formation In E and S0 Galaxies Normal Galaxies 102
GI6 - 046 Moran, Sean Johns Hopkins University Locuss: A Legacy Survey of Galaxy Clusters At Z=0.2 Galaxy Clusters 24
GI6 - 048 Wilcots, Eric U Wisconsin - Madison Galaxy Evolution In Coma -Abell 1367 Supercluster Galaxy Groups 0
GI6 - 049 Walterbos, Rene New Mexico State University Galex Observations of Halo Gas Galaxies Normal Galaxies 0
GI6 - 050 Werk, Jessica Columbia University The Inner Workings of Outer Gaseous Material Stellar Populations 48
GI6 - 054 Olling, Rob U Maryland The GALEX Extragalactic Stars (Ges) Catalog Stellar Populations 241.5
GI6 - 056 Neill, James CAL TECH Extreme Hosts of Extreme Supernovae Abnormal Galaxies 79.5
GI6 - 057 Bridge, Carrie CAL TECH The First UV Intracluster Tidal Plume In Virgo Galaxy Clusters 24
GI6 - 060 Tucker, Brad Australian National University UV Imaging of Type Ia Supernovae Host Galaxies Deep Fields/Cosmology 0
GI6 - 061 Stanonik, Kathryn Columbia University The Star Formation History of Void Galaxies Abnormal Galaxies 0
GI6 - 064 Rao, Sandhya U Pittsburgh Galex Grism Data Archive and Neutral Gas in the Universe Normal Galaxies 60
GI6 - 066 Sokolowski, Jennifer Columbia University Nuclear Shell Burning In Symbiotic Binaries Old Stars 136.5
GI6 - 067 Williams, Kurtis U Texas - Austin Time Series Observations of the Mysterious Carbonatmosphere White Dwarfs Old Stars 0
GI6 - 073 Lotz, Jennifer NSF - NRAO Evolutionary Paths of Nearby Green Galaxies Galaxy Interactions 61.5
GI6 - 075 Bridge, Carrie CAL TECH Do Galaxy Mergers Have Large Lyman Continuum Escape Fractions? Galaxy Interactions 87
GI6 - 079 Peters, Geraldine USC Direct-Impact Algol Binaries In Kepler Fields: Light Curves Mid-Life Stars 52.5

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