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GI5 - 047 Aldering, Gregory DOE/CA - LBL Star-Formation and Ages of Type Ia Supernova Host Galaxies Deep Fields/Cosmology 0
GI5 - 008 Anderson, Scott U Washington The First Large Statistical Study of the UV Character of Bl Lac Objects Abnormal Galaxies  
GI5 - 027 Anderson, Scott U Washington Galex Identification of Hundreds of Far-UV-Bright Quasars: A High Yield For Helium Igm Studies Intergalactic Medium 0
GI5 - 028 Balogh, Michael University of Birmingham Extended GALEX Coverage of the CFHT "Wide" Legacy Survey Galaxy Clusters 200
GI5 - 034 Bregman, Joel U Michigan A Survey of Star Formation In Elliptical Galaxies Normal Galaxies 100
GI5 - 055 Brown, Alexander U Colorado - JILA Maximizing GALEX Coverage of the Kepler Field Stellar Populations 45
GI5 - 057 Crowl, Hugh U Massachusetts Deep UV Imaging of Stripped Spiral Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster Galaxy Clusters 66
GI5 - 018 Fadda, Dario CAL TECH Star Formation Along Supercluster Filaments Galaxy Clusters 21
GI5 - 036 Finkelstein, Steven Texas A & M Stellar Populations and Large Scale Outflows In GALEX Discovered Lyman Alpha Galaxies Deep Fields/Cosmology 0
GI5 - 014 Gal-Yam, Avishay University of Birmingham UV Spectroscopy of Nearby Supernovae Young Stars 147
GI5 - 065 Gil de paz, Armando University of Birmingham   Normal Galaxies 9
GI5 - 052 Gronwall, Caryl Penn State University 2175 A Dust Map of the Milky Way Interstellar Medium 0
GI5 - 041 Haberzettl, Lutz U Louisville UV Properties of Galaxies in the HDF-S Deep Fields/Cosmology 45
GI5 - 002 Haynes, Martha Cornell University The Role of Environment in the Evolution of Low Mass Alfalfa Galaxies Normal Galaxies 40.5
GI5 - 051 Higdon, Sarah Georgia Southern University Star Formation In Ngc4532/Ddo 137'S Tidal Dwarf Galaxies and 500 Kpc Hi Stream Galaxy Interactions 3
GI5 - 038 Howell, Justin CAL TECH - IPAC UV Properties of A Complete Sample of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Local Universe Abnormal Galaxies 52.5
GI5 - 042 Kannappan, Sheila U North Carolina - Chapel Hill Resonances and Disk Regrowth In E/S0 Galaxies Abnormal Galaxies  
GI5 - 039 Kilgard, Roy Wesleyan University The Nature of H-Alpha Dots Normal Galaxies 4.5
GI5 - 040 Lepine, Sebastien American Museum of Natural History A Systematic Search For Nearby White Dwarfs in the GALEX Archive: Positions and Motions of 100,000 Disk and Halo Wd. Old Stars 0
GI5 - 044 Liu, Michael U Hawaii A GALEX Search for the Missing Young Low-Mass Stars Within 100 Pc Young Stars 0
GI5 - 015 Mager, Violet Ohio University The Wavelength Dependence of Galactic Structure Galaxy Structure 0
GI5 - 067 Malkan, Matthew UC LA Medium and Deep Imaging of the Akari Deep Field South Deep Fields/Cosmology 61.5
GI5 - 061 Meurer, Gerhardt Johns Hopkins University An Archival Extension of Sungg To Probe the Imf Normal Galaxies 0
GI5 - 100 Morgenthaler, Jeffrey Planetary Science Institute   Solar System Objects  
GI5 - 102 Peters, Geraldine USC      
GI5 - 054 Sahai, Raghvendra CAL TECH - JPL Probing Binary Companions and Accretion Disks In Agb Old Stars 31.5
GI5 - 063 Sakai, Shoko UC LA Star Formation In and Around Nearby Galaxy Clusters Galaxy Clusters 30
GI5 - 068 Salim, Samir NSF - NOAO - KPNO Galex Deep Survey - Calibration of Star Formation and the Transitional Galaxies At Z~0.8 Deep Fields/Cosmology 0
GI5 - 070 Schiminovich, David Columbia University A Snapshot Spectroscopic Survey of the Highest Luminosity Qsos: Winds, Reionization and the GALEX Legacy Intergalactic Medium  
GI5 - 048 Seibert, Mark Carnegie Observatories Galex-Gama: Uv/Optical/Near-Ir/Far-Ir/Radio Observations of ~100K Galaxies Deep Fields/Cosmology  
GI5 - 021 Seibert, Mark Carnegie Observatories Star Trails: Probing Agb-Ism Interaction Via Molecular Hydrogen Fluorescence Old Stars 93
GI5 - 025 Smith, Russell University of Birmingham A Laboratory For Galaxy Evolution: Deep Imaging of the Coma Cluster Core Galaxy Clusters 30
GI5 - 064 Sokolowski, Jennifer Columbia University The Power At the Heart of Symbiotic Systems Old Stars 48
GI5 - 007 Szkody, Paula U Washington Following the Pulsations of Gw Lib and V455 and After Superoutburst Old Stars 9
GI5 - 031 Veilleux, Sylvain U Maryland Galex Imaging of the Cooling-Flow Cluster Abell 1795 Galaxy Clusters 7.5
GI5 - 026 Walter, Frederick SUNY - Stony Brook The Massive Dwarf Nova HD 109962 Old Stars 23.7
GI5 - 001 Welsh, Barry Eureka Scientific, Inc Finding UV-Variable Agn Abnormal Galaxies 0
GI5 - 059 Williger, Gerry U Louisville Lyman Limit Systems Toward Dense Quasar Regions At Z~1 Deep Fields/Cosmology 99
GI5 - 016 Zaritsky, Dennis U Arizona Legacy Observations of Distant Galaxy Clusters and Groups Galaxy Clusters 22.5

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