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GI4 - 065 Ayres, Thomas U Colorado - CASA Deep Grism Survey of the Hyades Cluster. Ii. Abnormal Galaxies 99
GI4 - 071 Basu-Zych, Antara Columbia University Exploring the Relationship Between Lyman Alpha Emitters and Lyman Break Galaxies Using Local Analogs Young Stars 57
GI4 - 094 Bennett, Philip Eureka Scientific, Inc Imaging Co Cameron Band Structure in the Red Rectangle Normal Galaxies 3
GI4 - 051 Blanton, Michael New York University Star-Formation Enhancements In Merging Galaxies Galaxy Groups 0
GI4 - 048 Bothun, Gregory U Oregon Do Galaxy Disks Ever Really End? Galaxy Clusters 12
GI4 - 085 Bregman, Joel U Michigan The Final State of Elliptical Galaxy Cooling Flows Normal Galaxies 27
GI4 - 056 Brown, Alexander U Colorado - JILA Galex Exploration of the Kepler Field To Identify Active Stars Abnormal Galaxies 90
GI4 - 041 Ganguly, Rajib U Michigan - Flint The Young Stellar Content of Post-Starburst Quasars Abnormal Galaxies  
GI4 - 041 Ganguly, Rajib U Wyoming The Young Stellar Content of Post-Starburst Quasars Abnormal Galaxies  
GI4 - 013 Gray, Richard Appalachian State University Searching For White Dwarf Companions of Barium Dwarfs Old Stars  
GI4 - 039 Harper, Graham U Colorado - CASA Archival Search For Chromospheric Activity In Ancient Cool Giants Solar System Objects 0
GI4 - 042 Haynes, Martha Cornell University Star Formation In Low Mass Alfalfa Galaxies Galaxy Clusters 68
GI4 - 060 Holberg, Jay U Arizona An Independent Evaluation of the GALEX Photometric Calibration Abnormal Galaxies 0
GI4 - 015 Hunter, Deidre Lowell Observatory Star Formation in the Extreme Outer Parts of Dwarf Galaxies Old Stars 45
GI4 - 016 Hunter, Deidre Lowell Observatory Tracing Star Formation In Little Things Old Stars 16.5
GI4 - 033 Keeney, Brian U Colorado - CASA Determining the Evolution of A Fading Dwarf Galaxy Old Stars 1.5
GI4 - 095 Lee, Janice Carnegie Observatories Completing the 11Hugs GALEX Cycle 1 Legacy Program Stellar Populations 70.5
GI4 - 057 Malkan, Matthew UC LA Cosmic Evolution of Star Formation and Accretion Power in the Akari Nep Deep Field Abnormal Galaxies 85
GI4 - 006 Morgenthaler, Jeffrey Planetary Science Institute Galex Observation of Comet Machholz Young Stars 0
GI4 - 052 Mulchaey, John Carnegie Observatories A GALEX Survey of A Representative Sample of Galaxy Groups Galaxy Groups 35.2
GI4 - 020 Ofek/Galyam, Eran CAL TECH UV Spectroscopy of Nearby Supernovae - the Key To Understanding High Redshift Star and Galaxy Formation Old Stars  
GI4 - 073 RauKulkarni, Shrinivas CAL TECH Uncovering New Ultra-Compact Binaries in the Medium Imaging Survey Normal Galaxies  
GI4 - 040 Roming, Peter Penn State University Establishing Faint UV Standards ISM, IGM, Outflows, Winds, Jets 0
GI4 - 008 Rosenberg, Jessica George Mason University Blowing Bubbles: Uv, Optical, and Infrared Probes of Star-Formation In Dwarf Galaxies Young Stars 55.5
GI4 - 099 Schiavon, Ricardo Gemini Observatory UV Properties of Galactic Globular Clusters Stellar Populations  
GI4 - 091 Seibert, Mark Carnegie Observatories The GALEX Large Galaxy Atlas (Glga) Normal Galaxies 0
GI4 - 012 Sembach, Kenneth ST ScI How Are the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium and Galaxies Related? Old Stars 120
GI4 - 081 Seon/Rau, Kwang-II UC Berkeley Dust Scattering In UV and Halpha Radiation From High-Latitude Clouds Normal Galaxies 0
GI4 - 090 Smith, Graham University of Birmingham A Joint GALEX/Lensing Survey -- Exploring the Connection Between Hierarchical Assembly and Quenched Star Formation Normal Galaxies 111
GI4 - 098 Smith, Russell University of Birmingham Calibrating UV Galaxy Colours Against Accurate Spectroscopic Age and Metallicity Measurements Stellar Populations  
GI4 - 019 Szkody, Paula U Washington Parameterizing the UV Flux In Larps Old Stars 33
GI4 - 043 Szkody, Paula U Washington The Pulsating, Accreting White Dwarf In Gw Lib After Outburst Galaxy Clusters 9
GI4 - 002 Tripp, Todd U Massachusetts A Deep Search For Star Formation In Low-Redshift Intergalactic Gas Clouds ISM, IGM, Outflows, Winds, Jets 15
GI4 - 001 van Gorkom, Jacqueline Columbia University UV Imaging of Galaxy Clusters At Z=0.2, Abell 963 and 2192 Deep Fields, Clusters, and AGN 60
GI4 - 053 Zaritsky, Dennis U Arizona Galaxy Evolution In Progress Galaxy Groups 30

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