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GI3 - 81 Ayres, Thomas U Colorado - CASA Deep Grism Survey of the Hyades Cluster Young Stars 0
GI3 - 050 Bigiel, Frank Max-Planck-Instut Tracing the Extreme Edges of Galaxies In UV and Hi Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 062 Blanton, Michael New York University Star-Formation In Low Luminosity Galaxies Normal galaxies  
GI3 - 091 Brown, Alexander U Colorado - JILA Stellar Magnetic Activity On Young (8-200 Myr) Local Association Dwarf Stars and Its Influence On Th Young Stars 0
GI3 - 063 Browne, Stanley Eureka Scientific, Inc UV Photometry of Rr Lyrae Stars Old stars  
GI3 - 041 Bureau, Martin University of Birmingham Young Stars In Old Galaxies: A UV Imaging Survey of the Sauron Galaxy Sample Normal Galaxies 0
GI3 - 079 Donovan, Jennifer Columbia University Star Formation Distribution In Field Ellipticals Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 117 Ellis, Richard CAL TECH The Effect of Substructure On the Star Formation Histories of Cluster Galaxies Galaxy Clusters  
GI3 - 067 Gal-Yam, Avishay CAL TECH UV Spectroscopy of Nearby Supernovae - the Key To Understanding High-Z Star and Galaxy Formation Young Stars  
GI3 - 086 Giovanelli, Riccardo Cornell University Star Formation and Hi Content Within the Alfalfa Volume Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 078 Gronwall, Caryl Penn State University UV Observations of Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 084 Haynes, Martha Cornell University Star Formation In Low Mass Alfalfa Galaxies Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 108 Herald, James Johns Hopkins University Populating the Observational Hrd of White Dwarfs With GALEX Old Stars  
GI3 - 103 Hicks, Amalia U Virginia Measuring Star Formation Rates In Clusters of Galaxies With GALEX Galaxy Clusters  
GI3 - 045 Hunter, Deidre Lowell Observatory Star Formation in the Outer Parts of Dwarf Galaxies: Archival Data Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 095 Jimenez, Raul Princeton University Galex Survey of the Atacama Cosmology Telescope Strip Deep fields / cosmology 70.5
GI3 - 046 Kannappan, Sheila U North Carolina - Chapel Hill Stellar Populations and Xuv Disks In Red- & Blue-Sequence E/S0S Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 070 Malkan, Matthew UC LA Narow Line Agn Beyond the Lyman Limit Abnormal Galaxies  
GI3 - 110 Martin, Crystal UC Santa Barbara The Ionization State of Ulirg Winds Abnormal Galaxies  
GI3 - 093 Morgenthaler, Jeffrey U Washington Galex Observations of Comet 8P/Tuttle Solar System objects  
GI3 - 107 Peters, Geraldine USC Grism Observations of Ob Stars In M31 Young Stars  
GI3 - 087 Rampazzo, Roberto Osservatorio Astronomico di Triest Tracing With GALEX the Eventful Life of Field Early-Type Galaxies. Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 089 Salzer, John Wesleyan University UV Imaging of A Representative Sample of Nearby Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies Abnormal Galaxies  
GI3 - 082 Shkolnik, Evgenya U Hawaii Identifying the Missing Young Low-Mass Stars With the GALEX Archive Young Stars  
GI3 - 061 Skillman, Evan U Minnesota Star Formation In Nearby Galaxies: Completing the Angst and Angrrr Samples Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 071 Smith, Graeme UC Santa Cruz A GALEX View of Galactic F and G Dwarfs Mid-life Stars 57
GI3 - 075 Sohn, S Tony University of Birmingham Hot Populations In Galactic Globular Clusters Stellar Populations  
GI3 - 104 Turnshek, David U Pittsburgh Metal Abundances In Select Low-Redshift Damped Lyman-Alpha Systems Normal Galaxies  
GI3 - 105 Turnshek, David U Pittsburgh Mean Extinction From Qso Absorption-Line Systems At Z=[0.4 0.9] IGM  
GI3 - 073 Vanden Berk, Daniel St Vincent's College The UV Dependence of the Physical Properties of Quasars Abnormal Galaxies  
GI3 - 042 Welsh, Barry UC Berkeley Stellar Activity In Open Clusters Mid-Life Stars 68
GI3 - 121 Zabludoff, Ann U Arizona Using GALEX To Discover the Origin of the Black Hole-Bulge Mass Relation Abnormal Galaxies  

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