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GI2 - 037 Anderson, Scott U Washington Galex Identification of A Large Sample of New Quasar Sightlines for the Study of Intergalactic Helium LSS  
GI2 - 036 Ball, Nicholas U Illinois Robust Object Classification in a GALEX-Sdss Federated Dataset LSS  
GI2 - 125 Boselli, Alessandro University of Birmingham UV Observations of the Virgo Cluster Covered By the Arecibo Galactic Environment Survey Galaxy Clusters  
GI2 - 040 Bowen, David Princeton University The Star Formation Rate in a Nearby Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorber Galaxies  
GI2 - 020 Brown, Alexander U Colorado - JILA Magnetic Fields On "Alien Dwarfs": Stellar Activity in the Arcturus Moving Group Middle-Life Stars  
GI2 - 141 Burgarella, Denis University of Birmingham Galex UV Observations of the Hubble Deep Field South : Making Use of A Large Multi-$\Lambda$ Database LSS  
GI2 - 121 Buson, Lucio University of Birmingham Present-Day Star Formation In Local Group Analogs GalaxyGroups  
GI2 - 032 Carpenter, John CAL TECH A GALEX Archival Search For Young Solar-Type Stars Young stars  
GI2 - 127 Dieball, Andrea University of Birmingham A GALEX Globular Cluster Deep Field: Searching for the Primordial Cvs In 47 Tuc Old stars  
GI2 - 061 Gal-Yam, Avishay CAL TECH UV Spectroscopy of Nearby Supernovae - the Key To Understanding High-Z Star and Galaxy Formation Old stars  
GI2 - 015 Guinan, Edward Villanova University Seeing Double in the Local Group: A GALEX Archival Study of Extragalactic Eclipsing Binaries Middle-Life Stars  
GI2 - 007 Henry, Richard Johns Hopkins University Diffuse UV Background - GALEX Imaging and Voyager Spectroscopy LSS  
GI2 - 046 Horschemeir, Ann NASA - GSFC Constraining Low-Level Star Formation Activity: A Deep GALEX Survey At the Outskirts of the Coma Cluster Galaxy Clusters  
GI2 - 019 Koratkar, Anuradha U Maryland - Baltimore Jet Ism Interactions In Active Galaxies Nuclei Abnormal Galaxies  
GI2 - 041 Landsman, Wayne SSAI An Archival Study of Hot Stars In Galactic Globular Clusters Old stars  
GI2 - 035 Miller, Neal Johns Hopkins University Star Formation History in the Richest Clusters of Galaxies Galaxy Clusters  
GI2 - 048 O'Connell, Robert U Virginia The Perseus Cluster in the Ultraviolet Galaxy Clusters  
GI2 - 034 O'Neil, Karen NSF - NRAO Star Formation and Molecular Gas In Massive Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Galaxies  
GI2 - 012 Orio, Marina U Wisconsin - Madison Hydrogen Shell Burning In Close Binary White Dwarfs of the Local Group Old stars  
GI2 - 053 Peters, Geraldine USC A Study of the Winds In Be Stars in the Magellanic Clouds Young stars  
GI2 - 033 Prochaska, Jason UC Santa Cruz A GALEX Imaging Survey of M31'S Halo ISM  
GI2 - 027 Rhee, Jaehyon Purdue University New Search For Very Metal-Poor Stars With [Fe/H] < -2.0 From the GALEX Old stars  
GI2 - 026 Rhee, Jaehyon Purdue University New Search For Subdwarf B Stars From the GALEX Old stars  
GI2 - 023 Schaefer, Bradley Louisiana State University Accretion Rates of Recurrent Novae Old stars  
GI2 - 057 Schlegel, Eric U Texas - San Antonio Galex Deep Observation of the Edge-On Spiral Ngc 55 Galaxies  
GI2 - 038 Schwarz, Gregory West Chester University of Pennsylvania Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Recent Classical Novae Old stars  
GI2 - 025 Sembach, Kenneth ST ScI The Origin of the Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium and Its Relationship To Galaxies ISM  
GI2 - 044 van Zee, Liese Indiana University Finding the Edge of the Disk: Star Formation At Large Radii Galaxies  
GI2 - 017 Wang, Zhong Harvard CFA - SAO Galex Follow-Up On the Nature of A Dark Hi Cloud in the Virgo Cluster GalaxyGroups  
GI2 - 001 Welsh, Barry Eureka Scientific, Inc The Activity Rate of Dme Flare Stars in the Hyades Open Cluster Middle-Life Stars  
GI2 - 010 Welsh, Barry UC Berkeley The Second GALEX Ultraviolet Variability (Guvv) Catalog Middle-Life Stars  
GI2 - 024 Yun, Min U Massachusetts Galex Imaging Study of the Hi Filaments In M81 Group GalaxyGroups  

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