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GI1 - 089 Anderson, Scott U Washington Galex Identification of the Best New Quasar Sightlines for the Study of Intergalactic Helium Galaxies  
GI1 - 045 Appleton, Philip CAL TECH - IPAC UV Observations of Collisional Ring Galaxies Hot Stars 45
GI1 - 074 Baker, Andrew NSF - NRAO FUV Imaging of the Ntt Deep Field: Cold Dust in a Complete UV-Selected Sample Galaxies  
GI1 - 037 Balogh, Michael University of Birmingham Star Formation In Galaxy Groups At Z ~ 0.4 Galaxies 1.5
GI1 - 077 Barstow, Martin University of Birmingham A FUV Search For White Dwarfs In Unresolved Binary Systems Galaxies  
GI1 - 059 Bettoni, Daniela University of Birmingham Insight About Induced Star Formation: Sfr in the Shell System of Early-Type Galaxies Hot Stars 0
GI1 - 038 Blanton, Michael New York University K-Corrections in the Ultraviolet for the Galaxy Evolution Explorer Hot Stars 0
GI1 - 067 Boissier, Samuel Carnegie Observatories Measuring the Star Formationi Efficiency of Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies Galaxies  
GI1 - 085 Bowen, David Princeton University A Search For UV-Bright Probes of Nearby Galaxies Cool Stars  
GI1 - 093 Bregman, Joel U Michigan The Final State of Elliptical Galaxy Cooling Flows Stellar Populations  
GI1 - 033 Buat, Veronique University of Birmingham Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Observations of Nearby Edge-On Spiral Galaxies Galaxies 4.5
GI1 - 092 Burleigh, Matthew University of Birmingham The Complete White Dwarf Population of Praesepe Galaxies  
GI1 - 091 Carpenter, John CAL TECH A GALEX Archival Search For Young Solar-Type Stars Galaxies  
GI1 - 102 de Mello, Duilia Catholic University of America UV Properties of Moderate Redshift Galaxies As A Function of HST Morphology Planetary and Protoplanetary Systems  
GI1 - 024 Feldman, Paul Johns Hopkins University The Gas Environment of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 During the Deep Impact Encounter Hot Stars 30
GI1 - 044 Gal-Yam, Avishay CAL TECH UV Spectroscopy of Nearby Supernovae - the Key To Understanding High-Z Star and Galaxy Formation Galaxies 31.5
GI1 - 039 Gavazzi, Giuseppe University of Birmingham Unveiling the Outskirts of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies Large Scale Structure 0
GI1 - 025 Harper, Graham U Colorado - CASA Evolution of Stellar Dynamos: Stellar Activity In Population Ii Giants Galaxies 23.7
GI1 - 005 Henry, Richard Johns Hopkins University Diffuse UV Background: GALEX Imaging and Voyager Spectroscopy Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) 40.5
GI1 - 100 Hillenbrand, Lynne CAL TECH A Search For New Solar-Type Post-T Tauri Stars in the Taurus-Auriga and Scorpius-Centaurus Regions Cool Stars  
GI1 - 063 Holberg, Jay U Arizona Finding Sirius-Like Systems With GALEX Galaxies  
GI1 - 055 Honeycutt, Kent Indiana University A Search For Cataclysmic Variables and Other UV Sources In Old Open Clusters Hot Stars 48
GI1 - 097 Hoopes, Charles Johns Hopkins University Exploring the Ultraviolet Halos of Edge-On Spiral Galaxies Stellar Populations  
GI1 - 071 Huchra, John Harvard CFA - SAO Old and New Star Clusters In M81 Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)  
GI1 - 081 Iping, Rosina Catholic University of America UV Emission From the Cen-A Jet Hot Stars  
GI1 - 075 Keel, William U Alabama - Tuscaloosa Where Have All the Lyman Alpha Blobs Gone? Galaxies  
GI1 - 047 Kennicutt, Robert U Arizona Demographies of Star-Forming Galaxies in the Local 11 Mpc Volume Stellar Populations 66
GI1 - 014 Lacy, Mark CAL TECH - JPL UV Imaging of the Interacting Spiral Galaxy Ngc2442 Galaxies 0
GI1 - 094 Landsman, Wayne SSAI Galex Grism Spectroscopy of the Open Cluster M67 Galaxies  
GI1 - 032 Lisenfeld, Ute University of Birmingham A New Mode of Star Formation in the Intergalactic Medium Galaxies 52.5
GI1 - 057 Malkan, Matthew UC LA Multiwavelength Properties of A New Sample of IR-Selected "Hidden" Agns Stellar Populations 61.5
GI1 - 065 Malkan, Matthew UC LA Galaxy Evolution in the Subaru Deep Field Galaxies  
GI1 - 099 Maraston, Claudia University of Birmingham UV Spectroscopy of Young Star Clusters: Calibration of Stellar Population Models Galaxies  
GI1 - 052 Marcum, Pamela Texas Christian University Extremely Isolated Early-Type Galaxies: Fossil Groups Or Primordial Spheroidals? Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) 30
GI1 - 043 Mauche, Christopher DOE/CA - LLNL Coordinated Multiwavelength Observations of Ae Aqr Stellar Ejecta and Gaseous Nebulae 0
GI1 - 013 Mazzarella, Joseph CAL TECH UV Properties of A Complete Sample of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Local Universe Large Scale Structure 147
GI1 - 009 Meurer, Gerhardt Johns Hopkins University Sungg - the Survey of Ultraviolet Emission In Neutral Gas Galaxies Stellar Ejecta and Gaseous Nebulae 0
GI1 - 104 Morgenthaler, Jeffrey U Washington Galex Observations of Long-Period Comets Galaxies  
GI1 - 098 O'Connell, Robert U Virginia The Perseus Cluster in the Ultraviolet Galaxies  
GI1 - 031 Oliveira, Claudia University of Birmingham Star Formation In Hi Debris In Interacting and Merging Systems Interacting Binary Systems 0
GI1 - 114 Otte, Birgit U Michigan Stellar Archaeology: Searching For High-Ionization Planetary Nebulae With GALEX Galaxies  
GI1 - 073 Paramo, Jorge University of Birmingham Star Formation Activity In Compact Groups of Galaxies Hot Stars  
GI1 - 115 Perlman, Eric U Maryland - Baltimore The Ultraviolet Spectral Properties of Blazars Galaxies  
GI1 - 096 Rhee, Jaehyon Purdue University Galex Survey of Subdwarf B Stars Galaxies  
GI1 - 023 Sahai, Raghvendra CAL TECH - JPL Binarity In Agb Stars Galaxies 93
GI1 - 056 Schiavon, Ricardo U Virginia UV Properties of Galactic Globular Clusters Cool Stars 9
GI1 - 061 Schlegel, Eric Harvard CFA - SAO Galex Study of the UV Variability of Nearby Galaxies and A Deep Study of the UV Luminosity Function Stellar Populations  
GI1 - 113 Shara, Michael American Museum of Natural History The Nova - Dwarf Nova Connection Seen By GALEX Galaxies  
GI1 - 004 Smith, Russell University of Birmingham Snapshot Imaging of Low-Z Galaxy Clusters in the Noao Fundamental Plane Survey Galaxies 0
GI1 - 026 Smith, Beverly East Tennessee State University Spirals, Bridges, and Tails: Star Formation In Colliding Galaxies Before Merger Galaxies 0
GI1 - 117 Sweigart, Allen NASA - GSFC Galex Grism Spectroscopy of the Globular Cluster Omega Centauri Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)  
GI1 - 041 Szkody, Paula U Washington Understanding Heating Effects At Low Accretion Rates Interacting Binary Systems 3
GI1 - 022 Treu, Tommaso UC Santa Barbara A Wide Field UV Study of Two Z ~ 0.5 Clusters Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)  
GI1 - 108 Tytler, David UC San Diego Improving the Measurement of Lyman Continuum Absorption At 0.5 < Z < 2.3 By A Factor of 100 Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)  
GI1 - 078 van Gorkom, Jacqueline Columbia University UV Emission In Extended Hi Features Galaxies  
GI1 - 079 van Gorkom, Jacqueline Columbia University Star Formation History of Virgo Cluster Galaxies Galaxies  
GI1 - 080 van Gorkom, Jacqueline Columbia University Outliers of the Far-Infrared Radio Correlation: Young and Fading Starbursts Galaxies  
GI1 - 109 van Gorkom, Jacqueline Columbia University Young Stars In Old Galaxies: A UV Imaging Survey of the Sauron Galaxy Sample Cool Stars  
GI1 - 095 Vanden Berk, Daniel Penn State University The UV Variability of Quasars Galaxies  
GI1 - 110 Vanden Berk, Daniel Penn State University The UV Component of Quasars in the Spitzer First Look Survey Galaxies  
GI1 - 040 Vennes, Stephane Florida Institute of Technology Mining the GALEX Survey For Hot White Dwarf Stars in the Galactic Disk Stellar Populations 45
GI1 - 060 Wade, Richard Penn State University Do Large Numbers of Undiscovered Hot Subdwarf Stars Exist In Binaries? Galaxies 97.5
GI1 - 008 Welsh, Barry UC Berkeley Serendipitous Detections of Transient and Variable UV Sources Galaxies 9
GI1 - 035 Williger, Gerry Johns Hopkins University Galaxies and Quasars in the Largest Structures At Z ~ 1 Stellar Populations 0
GI1 - 036 Windhorst, Rogier Arizona State University Galex Observations of Dwarf Galaxies Imaged With HST & Spitzer: Clues To the Cause of Reionization Large Scale Structure 45

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