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We regret to announce that the GALEX Cycle 7 Guest Investigator has been cancelled.  There will be no opportunity to propose for targeted GALEX observations.   GALEX will continue to collect survey data and to make the data public, through MAST, in a timely fashion.  Proposals may be submitted to the NASA Astrophysics Data Program for archival research.

As part of the ongoing GALEX Legacy Survey, we are observing the available sky (no overbright stars or overbright regions) to "MIS depth", or 1-orbit exposures.   We would like to provide the community an opportunity to help prioritize the regions to be surveyed sooner (as opposed to later), and we hope to have a system in place to do this in the next month or so.  We will send out email notification and post information on this website when the system is ready.  This prioritization will address 1-orbit imaging observations only.

It is NASA's intent to complete all accepted GI programs for Cycles 1-6, and to fund all previously approved programs (excluding those cancelled because they could not be done without the FUV detector).   If you have questions about your GI observations or grant, please send email to the helpdesk: galexhelp*at* or to me:susan.g.neff*at*

The GALEX project is processing GALEX Data Release 6 (GR6) now.  We anticipate that it will be completed and available through MAST later this fall .  This fall we will also deliver the first version of a definitive catalogue of unique source detections in the GALEX AIS and MIS surveys.  We anticipate releasing updates to these catalogues with each future major data release.  We expect the catalogue to contain ~12 million unique detections from the MIS and ~ 50 million unique sources from the AIS, and to be 90% complete at a magnitude of ~ 23 (MIS) or  ~ 21 (AIS). Our catalog source selection will be NUV-based, so we expect that NUV & FUV completeness will be almost the same.

Questions regarding the GALEX GI Program may be addressed to Dr Mario Perez, Astrophysics Division (Mail Code 3728), Science Missions Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546-0001; Telephone (202) 358-1535, Email: Mario.Perez@nasa gov.

Susan Neff
GALEX Mission Scientist


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