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GALEX to stop observing mid-February 2012

GALEX has had a great run, and it is still obtaining useful NUV data. However, the GALEX project has been directed, by NASA HQ, to stop observations no later than mid-February 2012. Caltech and NASA are discussing privatizing GALEX. We will post more information if/when this occurs (not expected before late March 2012).

For now, the satellite is being placed in a "hold" configuration, during discussions about continuing science operations with private funding. Updates will be posted here as they become known.

During the remainder of FY2012, we will be doing the following:

  • Carrying out a final calibration and reprocessing of the full GALEX mission.
  • Moving critical documentation to the MAST GALEX site.
  • Producing a final version of the GALEX catalog of individual sources
  • Shutting down GI tools at Caltech and at GSFC.
  • Final GALEX data release (GR7) near the end of September 2012, through MAST.

In anticipation of the shutdown, during late 2011 and early 2012, we increased the NUV detector count rate limit and extended the AIS into the Galactic Plane and the Magellanic Clouds. The detector has shut down occasionally for over-bright regions (even with much higher limits), but the vast majority of the observations are good and will be included in GR7.

GALEXhelp will continue to be available at least through the end of September, 2012. There may be delays in response because of greatly reduced staffing.


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